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Lonely Disease

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Depression is. Imbalances in the brain and spirit leave me feeling isolated and lonely. I could be in a bright room of loving people and still feel that ache. It's a longing for a deeper part of myself that I can't access. Lonliness isn't always so bad, it's okay and can encourage us to become self-reliant; but in this quantity it can be deadly. I really need a hug and some words of encouragement.

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I know how you feel, Bluesky. Been there many times but I also know its a feeling and will not last.

Somehow we have to tell ourselves that or we'lll never function. It will not last forever I assure you.

Hope the best for you. Just Never Give Up.

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Depression is feeling of emptiness. All people have good and bad in them. I tend to deny the bad part of me by "pressing it inside", which creates that feeling of emptiness. I think that feeling isolated and lonely is a consequence of self-denial. Of course, people can deny the parts of themselves that they consider to be bad. Your definition of depression has a

It's a longing for a deeper part of myself that I can't access.

and I found it resonant with how I feel about depression. Only in my case I feel that I deny that deeper part of myself because I consider it to be bad. I wish I would be less judgmental. But I am afraid, that if I let go of the judgements, something bad is going to happen.

I wish you find a way to communicate with the deeper part of yourself.

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