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When To Go Inpatient


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Hi all,

I'm new here, and I'm not too good at forums so if I've done this wrong or this question has already been answer please point me in the right direction!

So.. I've had generalised anxiety disorder for as long as I remember and right now I'm on Cymbalta, Propanolol and Valium when needed. My anxiety is finally under control and manageable (yay!). But I've recently been diagnosed with bipolar type two which has answered a lot of mysteries for me.

The thing is, since I've been on Cymbalta my mood has been changing daily. It's so rapid I can barely keep up. Just a week ago I was so depressed but these past three days I've been out of control. Laughing at nothing, not sleeping, barely eating and jumping around non stop.

I feel like there's little crazy monsters in my head jumping around begging me to let them out. I'm so exhausted of it that I feel like I'm losing a grip. I can't understand what people say to me unless they talk slowly and I keep having these bouts of suicidal ideation which is terrifying.

My question now is, what do I do? If I stay at home in afraid I'll lose it or try and hurt myself. If I goto hospital I'm afraid they'll make me take meds I don't want to take and I'll end up worse.

I've tried Zyprexa to control my bipolar but I ended up in hospital because I had electric shock feeling and felt like I'd had a medical lobotomy (no idea how they feel but it's how I'd imagine it).

Do I goto hospital or do I just goto an after hours doctor tonight and see what they say? I feel like it's getting more intense.

Eeeeek. Thanks!

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Hi there deee. I think if you suffer from suicidal thoughts, feel like things are out of control and are afraid of harming yourself, going to nearest ER would probably be the best thing to do. I think they should evaluate your condition there (depending on the policy of your regional health services) and see if you're in need of hospitalization. Also, Cymbalta may not be the best med for you, so you might want to talk about this to your doc, preferably psychiatrist. Please take good care of yourself and keep in touch how you're doing!

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Hospitals help you get on the right meds, it's not scary as you think to be inpatient. I think it was very good to give myself those times I spent there. I learned a lot and got on the correct diet, got some exercise habits, and yes, meds were part of it. A lot of intensive therapy was good too, meetings with doctors who had set times to see you daily, and social workers too. I am not meaning it's like a vacation, it's a lot of work to get well, but if you are committed to it, it's a good place to be- safe, around other people like you, and you get some respite from the outside world for a while. What do you think you're going to do?

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