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My mood can change with the weather. I live in a warm location where extremes of cold temperature are so unusual that we are not very adept at handling them. So the cold weather can cause me to make myself very nervous. Cloudy days can also have an effect. Don't know how well I could handle living in places where the weather is frequently cloudy and overcast. Having lived through the black days and white nights of Russia, I can say unequivocally that I like my days bright and my nights dark. Midnight sun is something that can mess with my head.

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After 25 years in the cold and gray all the time, I moved to S. Fla. Even when it's cloudy and cool like today, I struggle to try to feel good. The sun and hot weather gives me a chance to feel good. Plus I'm free to do outside activities that help.

Sitting in a room in the winter makes me feel trapped. I've never ice skated, went skiing, or many other winter activities. They didn't appeal when getting cold was at stake. Plus there were other people there.

Gloomy weather brings on the depression hand in hand. Don't know why.

My "passions and meds" are cars, motorcycles and anything with wheels. Could never enjoy them for long in the cold, or even work on them without freezing.

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I get gloomy also when the weather outside is gloomy, cloudy,rainy etc. It is usually sunny where I live.Never cold for more than a few days.

It effects me so, I replaced all the most used lights in my home with the new "daylight" light bulbs. They are a much whiter lite than the warm slightly yellow lite of the normal bulb. They are in along with the curly light bulbs and the package will have "daylight" on it usually 19-23watt at Lowes and Home Depot.

Hope this helps some of you too.

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