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Anyone Else In Loving, Long-Term Relationships?

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You'll find her or she'll find you, probably when you least expect it! I've been to Holland twice, so many beautiful women there. And I blended in fine being a blonde myself. I really enjoyed the canal boat ride ( in Amsterdam ) that takes you out to the North Sea. However, the freezing cold is not for me which is why I'll stay Florida for the rest of my life.

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Hi iskaral,

Rejection totally sucks, I was just lucky with my girl. I didn't know she was the one at first, but as the years went by I realized it. You have to take chances, even if it doesn't work out. We're only alive for a limited time and being alone ( at least for me ) is not an option. You live in an awesome country, there has to be somewhere you can go to meet women. What kind of job do you have? I worked in a store in my 20's, and that's where I met her. But I was out in the public which gave me many opportunities.

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I wasn't looking for the right person. In fact, I wasn't looking for anyone at all. I was married once before, and although I was unhappy, I did not cross any lines. I "met" this guy on the internet, on a hockey team's message board. He was dating someone else, I was married, no lines crossed, no flirting. We just ended up on a lot of the same topics with a lot of the same interests.

He was offline for about three months while he had computer trouble. During that time, I'd separated from my ex-husband. Because I was getting out of a relationship, I was in a place where I didn't even want to think about being involved again.

Seven weeks after my separation, my message board friend was back online. He had broken up with his girlfriend, I had separated. No, this isn't where we realized we were right for each other. We used to talk about which one of us would be stupid enough to get involved again! lol After several weeks of talking though, we started realizing we were attracted to one another. I flew to his city to meet him (he had just started a new job and so had no vacation, I'd been at mine for two plus years and had a good amount).

During that 11 days, we knew it was right. We were long distance and visiting between cities for ten months, then I moved to where he was because I wanted to do that instead of him moving for me. We're best friends, way more than best friends, and very happy. I'm one of those stories where it happened when I wasn't even looking. It has been very natural the way we get along so well, and I am very grateful for it. I have serious mental illness issues (see profile if you want), he is bipolar 2, and it works.

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