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New Member, How Do I Tell My Boss?

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First off, welcome to Depression Forum. Please make sure to make yourself at home. You are not alone and we all will help in any way we can.

Secondly, there is no "it depends" in your situation. Unless your boss is a thundering warhorse, he/she should be constructive in dealing with this situation. There are two/three perspectives

1. Your boss probably already realises something is wrong but won't say anything out of respect. It is very noticable.

2. You have rights - just like someone can legitimately take time off for a broken leg/hand, you are entitled to recover as well.

3. Depression is rife at present and I would reckon that it is as high as 30-40% of people have been someway afflicted over the last few years. That is deffo the situation here in Ireland. You will not be the first person to come to your boss with this

It depends on how you approach this. If you keep it buried and wait for stress to become too much, it will have worse consequences. But, if you could somehow let the boss know that you are not copping out and are looking at the broader picture, it is more beneficial. You might think in this time of recession that your job is on the line, but that is why we have those rights.

Ask yourself a few questions: Are you a conscientious worker? Do you give it your all? Is it actually the job or other factors contributing to the MDD? Can you handle most elements of the job, meaning you may not need a whole load of time off, just a bit of a stress free role for a while?

You are valuable to your firm but also to others and more importantly, yourself, as a person. There is no shame in asking for a bit of help. Like you, 99% of the people on this forum have reached out and found that most people actually do care.

Organise a brief meeting and just talk off the record and if you need to go down the formal route, then do that another day.

Take care and let us know how it goes,


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It would also help if when You talk to your Boss -- You have a plan for Your treatment. Do You need to be hospitalized or go to some intense therapy? . If You see a Pdoc now he could right a note for you to have some time off for this?.

Here in USA you cannot be fired unless you become incompetent. It is good to let most businesses know how You are, but avoid too much detail I believe. Depression is a sickness, the company cannot fire You for being sick especially if you let them know. Company cannot descriminate between sicknesses.(cancer, heart attack, broke leg, Mental illness)

As for me I had enough time in to take off on disability temporarily then later it became permanant but that was part of my decision. I retired on disability from my company right at 20 years ago with a very good pension to live on.

My company had a Help Line for employees mostly for drugs and alcohol problems I called it. I immediately was sent to a Pdoc and then on to 2 hospitals (Emory and Vanderbilt) at Company expense. They wanted me well as fast as possible.

Hope this Helps. Just Never Give Up There is Help out there for You

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Graycoyote (An sionnach liath, "The Gray Fox", as us Gaels would say) is deffo on the ball with the advice there. All respective sized companies have structured assistance. Asking for that help is a sign of strength that will be repaid when you are up and running again. Monthly reports and product launches will come and go - there is only one MikeinTX

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