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Should I Have Stuck It Out With Cymbalta?


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I was on cymbalta for around 6 to 8 weeks. At first I had severe anxiety, I just attributed this to my discontinuation of sertraline. It only lasted for a week or so. My anxiety seemed to be normal. I did become more depressed. I decided to come off of it due to the added depression. The weird thing is I was more productive during the time I was on it. My mind seemed to be more clear as well. I don't know if this was due to something else I was doing right or the cymbalta. Did I give up too soon on the SNRI?

I am back on sert with buspar now. It seems to work on my anxiety (I think it is the buspar). My productivity isn't high, however. I don't seem to be depressed.

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I would think after 8 weeks, Cymbalta should have been working effectively (if it was the right drug for you). I think you were very patient to give it 8 weeks. If you still felt depressed after being on it that long, I think you were right to come off of it. But these drugs affect everyone differently and being productive and having a clear mind and normal anxiety level is a good thing, so maybe Cymbalta was working in that regard. Maybe you can try Cymbalta in combination with something else???

I had a friend who was on Sertraline for about 4 weeks and then switched to Cymbalta. She didn't have any withdrawal effects coming off Sertraline and has been on Cymbalta for months now and loves it. I actually am a huge fan of Cymbalta myself except that I keep gaining weight on it. I eat less than I used to, but I'm still gaining weight. I've weaned myself off Cymbalta before, and the weight just dripped right off, so I know Cymbalta is the cause.

All the fat is in my stomach too... You could look at me from behind and think "Wow, she's so tiny," and as soon as I turn around, one would think, "Aww, you're having a baby!" That's not me being dramatic either. At my job, I've lost track of how many people have asked if I'm expecting. No boundaries whatsoever. Anyway, if it wasn't for the weight gain, I'd stay on Cymbalta for the rest of my life... I'm looking into a Cymbalta and Wellbutrin combination to hopefully lose some of the weight.

Good luck with whatever you decide. It's definitely frustrating.

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