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Hello Depression Forum!

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My name is Jhessye and I am happy to introduce myself. I basically have many doubts and negative mindset about myself, but I refuse to give in. I also know that I need help. I have read some of the threads here on the forum and I know that I am not alone. I basically was bullied as a child for about 11 years and it still affects my emotoinal mindframe today. I am planning a pretty big adventure soon and well I am feeling a bit emotionally drained.

I had very few friends and I tell them some of my troubles. Sometimes, I hurt so bad that I masked the pain with food which in turn affects those living around me. I am not the greatest person to live with. I have pretty low self esteem, get frustrated easily and take criticism very personally. I NEED to learn to deal (not just cope, is that the same thing?) with my depression and anxiety. Crying has become my constant companion along with tension headaches.

This is hard to type for me right now because this has been affecting me for a long while. I feel soft and very weak minded. Suicidal thoughts have come and gone, but I just don't want to do it. It seems to harsh from my point of view on my loved ones and I don't want to be remembered that way. So I am here from to deal, learn and share. So thanks for hearing some part of my story.

Jhessye ;)

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Hi Jhessye,
Welcome to DF, I am also new to this forum. Am glad I`ve read your thread as I can relate and feel for you. I have good days and very down days.Even though sometimes there is no reason to. I had been diagnosed with BP for almost 15 years now and had been well for the good 10 years until I weaned off my medication by myself to get pregnant. I really regret it now but thats in the past now. Am still not my normal self as I took an overdose . Again I don`t know why I even did that while my daughter who was one and a half year old at that time was sleeping on my bed. Now looking back I know I did a stupid thing and am not proud of it. It hadn`t been easy but am hoping to see the light through the tunnel as I have a very loving and supportive family and friends. Something my sister said today was do little things step by step and you get where you want to.

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Hi Jhessye:

Welcome to DF. I live in Georgia, 50 miles from the state line near Jacksonville. You will find some great coping skill here if you read, listen and try them out.

Wishing you the Best Just Never Give Up----There is Help out there for You

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