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Started A Few Weeks Ago.

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I was taking Lexapro for a few months, but I told my doctor it alleviated the anxiety a bit, but I still had no energy or motivation, so he switched me to Venalfaxine.

It's been a few weeks and I still feel the same. Only random bursts of energy, usually pretty late in the day. I felt absolutely AWFUL the first week I was on it, but the side effects have seemed to subsided.

I still don't notice much of a difference. I'm still anxious and depressed. I'm wondering if medication even works at all?

I do like these pills because I'm uninsured and a 30 day supply only costs me $16.

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Lexapro takes a while. Give it a month or so. For me the improvement was gradual. You may have to up your dosage, but discuss that with your doctor.

And, if it does not help, then try something else. Be careful to wean off of lexapro slowly.

Sending hopeful thoughts, jmg

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