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Did You Accomplish Anything Today? Anything At All? If So, Post Here!


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Today I started working again after being unemployed for 2 years (ok I tried to start a business but it isn't going so well, it's still "running" though) I was able to make it through my shift and I think I didn't embarrass myself too much. Fortunately it's a work at home job, so even though I have to deal with people, at least I don't have to see them. I wouldn't be able to stand working in an office environment, so I'll try to keep this job. The longest I've lasted working is 2.5 months...

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I woke up well rested and going strong, but within one hour from getting up I started feeling really anxious.

It is impossible for me to do anything that I had originally planned for today and these days, and even the things that I COULD do seem too difficult. Yesterday I felt a little bump in my relationship with a friend so that's been plaguing my mind the whole morning. Definitely not a good day, but what worries me most is that this past month I've noticed progressive worsening. I really have a pattern in my behaviour: if I am in a relationship, even a bad one, I manage to pick myself up most of the time. Being single clearly makes my condition worse slowly, but surely. What kind of a feminist am I? I am basically doomed because I raised myself to believe in all those mushy soapy longings presented on TV.

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- bought groceries early in the morning. It was a pain in the butt to get up early.

- shovel snow

- drove to my friend's home and shovel his driveway. He is away on vacation in Thailand.

- drove to our downtown and visited some casual friends.


- shovel more snow

- had a hot shower. It is a pain to do simple things

- watch cricket-sports from New Zealand. My team lost badly.

- I was very tired early evening so I slept and now I am up at 3 am.

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  • Made it to work on time for the last couple of days.
  • Hit a couple of AA meetings last night.
  • Staying plugged in with friends and family.
  • Had a great weekend with the kids, and was able to keep it together with them for the most part while working through some very difficult and stressful circumstances.
  • Have been getting to bed earlier, and improving my sleep schedule & habits.
  • Completed a work project early yesterday
  • Consistently using to-do lists to keep myself busy, focused & productive. (Also to be able to look back at previous days, and recognize that I HAVE been making a difference in my own life, and am doing everything I can to do what I need to do, taking care of my responsibilities.)
  • Have posted a couple of times on here over the last couple of days, and have offered to people what I can.
  • Cultivating an online conversation with a new friend, showing a true interest in some else's life, trying not to be solely focused on myself.
  • Making good money, and getting my financial life together after significant chaos and disruption.

I wish everyone well. Do something for yourself today. Make a difference and try to be an active, positive participant in your life & your well-being, as very difficult as that can be a lot of the time. No one can do it for us.

As my Dad told me recently, "Many can walk the road with you, but no one can walk it for you."


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Well done everyone on your achievements :D (no that wasnt sarcasm)

I almost didnt go to college today, but i did, was just on time too, it wasnt horrible either. And the bus came straight away instead of me having to wait for 40 minutes

Tried a half nytol instead of the full thing last night and it took me longer to get to sleep but made me less groggy in the morning

This morning i set my chickpeas to soak for cooking later, im cooking a huge amount of chickpea daal for my dinners for the next week, so i dont need to cook i just need to wack them in the microwave :) if i make it this easy for me to eat properly then i have less excuses not to

I filled out my form for free healthcare (hooray for UK welfare :p ) still need to post it tho

I didnt have breakfast and only had a small bowl of cereal for dinner, but i have a friend coming round for tea so ill be eating a full proper meal tonight.

I havnt exersised today, but i can do that tomorrow, itll be fine, im aiming for twice a week

And i sorted out my washing from yesterday :)

So ive been relatively productive today, yay

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It hasn't been long since I woke up, but I can talk about yesterday's accomplishments.

I organized a competition in school, not alone, with a colleague.

I ate reasonably, though not as I well as I'd like to.

I took my vitamins and new meds. I streched.

I texted some friends so as to avoid alienation during the week.

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I did not want to go out at all today but I needed to do it so I did. That was a major accomplishment. I also did a bit of cleaning in my cellar. I have a very important phone call I must make and I tried, but I was on hold for an hour so I hung up. I hope I can try again tomorrow.

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  • Got up on relatively easily, and made here into work on time.
  • Will be going to a couple of AA meetings tonight, and hooking up with some friends, which is always good.
  • Managed to do a little writing/journaling today. Always helps, at least to pass the time, if nothing else.
  • Started a "Happy Birthday Duck!" thread on here today.
  • Updated my blog on here today.
  • Messaged a friend of mine on here, continued that conversation, which was good.
  • Just trying to get through the day as well as I can. Today's been a little more difficult than most days recently, but all in all, I'm still doing pretty okay.

Take care all, and keep on. Wish everyone well.


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Cleaned the kitchen, took the trash to the dump. didn't have the motivation for anything else. I went back to bed and slept from 10am to 2pm. My wife is busy doing school work all weekend like she always does. I'm waiting until tomorrow to do my school stuff. Basically, I'm just sitting around waiting until Monday. I'm in my "whats the point?" mood. Whats the point of doing anything because I'm so anxious and preoccupied with senseless cr-p that nothing will satisfy me.

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