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Did You Accomplish Anything Today? Anything At All? If So, Post Here!


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Pack my suitcase for my trip later this week.

Listen to music.

Take tablets for sore throat.

Pick up my friend John and go to the Fringe Festival. Joe met us later.  Eat green onion cakes.

Give John a ride home with his groceries.


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Costco.....return boots......bought a nice black shirt which fit me very well..... my sister helped me chose the shirt.  I cannot do things for myself anymore. Bought pizza too.

Starbucks......an ill person came and sat at my table and created  a scene.  I feel bad for him.  He needs help.

Fringe.....walk around......eat green onion cake.

Block 1912 cafe for a bit....met Ernie.

Text all my friends.

Write on DF.

Almost forgot.  I saw the cute lady again walking her dog.  I met her a few weeks ago.  I did not get to  speak to her because there were too many people between us and lots of noise.  

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Finally woke up at noon yayyyy...not enough sleep but....My kid went to the neighbour's kid to play playstation and my evil ex woke me up screaming his name grrrrrr....

went to pharmacy, made some important calls, made a doctor appointment and hope to do a few more things y night


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DF chat 



Tim Hortons...........mall

Pick up my sister from the bus stop.  They transit service sucks.

Prop up our fence which is falling down.  Our neighbours refuse to half the cost for a new one so we try to keep the old one going.

Text my friends.

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Went to exercise class, first time in like a week.

Took a shower but did not need to wash hair. Used shower cap instead.

Napped for nearly an hour. Needed it!

took husband to medical appt! Yay nothing serious!

got dishes done

with husband helped son with a couple of things.

ate dinner out :)


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Change rental car reservation. 

Argue with one of my Internet friends finally he blocked me from his Facebook page. Haha.

Check Community Mail Box.

Organize my wallet, credit cards etc. For travel to Toronto.

Drove to the airport. Board flight to Toronto. Arrive in Toronto 4 hours later.

Shower and shave

Eat late supper. 

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Tried to return vacuum cleaner to Canadian Tire but they refused to take it. When I bought it I asked many questions. Now they refused to refund my money. They lied to me when I bought it. They are evil.

Return rental car. They lady was very friendly. She told me her whole life story in fifteen minutes.

My niece and myself went to the Dollar Store and a West Indian store for some items. I met Vanessa and Shiela. I gave Vanessa a big hug.

Prepare for memorial service on Saturday. I had lots to do. I am drained.



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We had the Hindu memorial ceremony for my late parents this morning. Only a few guests showed up which suited me fine. The service was over by 12:45 pm. We fed the guests and they sat around and talked for a few hours.

Late in the evening we went to the lake. We walked around a bit then drove home. I felt sad and lonely when I saw couples together.

We made a few phone calls.


Move back furniture to their original location.

Put out the garbage.

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7 hours ago, duck said:

 I felt sad and lonely when I saw couples together.


THAT bothers me as hell too when I go out, even on tv/internet. Sad that I'm alone

BTW duck if u r bringing that vacuum to Edmonton I might buy it off of you cuz I broke mine.

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Well to explain what I did today, I have to tell you what I did a couple weekends ago. Some friends and I went out and played 45 holes of disc golf in one day, and 18 of those holes were on a particularly challenging course with a lot of steep hills. Needless to say I could barely move the next day. Thing was, though, a day or so later I noticed some itchy spots on my legs, which I figured were mosquito bites. But the itchiness didn't go away and eventually I started getting red patches of irritated skin. Went to Urgent Care and we determined that rather than mosquitoes I probably came into contact with poison ivy or oak that day. They prescribed some topical ointment, antibiotics, and a five-day course of the steroid prednisone. For a few days I had my very own "roid rage." It was like taking two or three of those god-awful 5-Hour Energy drinks at once when that drug kicked in. Hard to sit still at a desk (which is not fun because working at a call center I have to wear a corded headset so I can't move around much) and at times my hands would even tremble from all the energy racing through my body. 

Anyway, what I did today was I took a shower to get as much of that gunk off my skin as possible, then I washed my bedsheets in case any of the oil or venom or whatever you want to call it was still there. And whenever I wash my bedsheets I always flip my mattress, which was probably overdue because my back has been bothering me anyway. 

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I drove my niece's car to the Flea Market in Toronto. Walked around. Bought an ice cream cone. Tipped the guy playing oldies on a guitar. I shook his hand. He remembered me from my previous visit. Bought cane juice and coconut water. 

Visit the food court. Buy some small statues. I am not sure what is the correct name.

My friends came over to visit.  They left 5 am Monday morning. We had a good time.

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Yesterday I sat and chatted with my Aunt Irene for eleven hours. She told me about her childhood abuse and hardships.

Today I spent the whole day moving stuff. It was physical work. I am tired now.

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I am still in the Toronto area or GTA.

Monday and Tuesday I did lots of hard manual work. I was sweating all day. I had to take a break every two hours. 

My niece drove me to a gas station to buy a telephone calling card. Then she drove me to a restaurant called Calypso Hut where we bought West Indian food. Chowmein and chicken plus fried rice. It was a waste of money but my niece wanted the food.  We could have had a cheaper meal from Costco. I hate wasting money.

Later on we went to Home Depot to buy Allen wrenches/keys. We could not find ours.

Phoned my cousins in New York who lost their mom.

Text my friends. Text John and Pam for a few hours.



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Put weather stripping on a door then realized it should have been on the door jamb. Duh!  I have done all of this before but now my illness is affecting my judgement. I cannot function like before.

Rent a vehicle and did some sighting here in Toronto. Over three hours of driving. It was good.

Buy KFC, pizza, and jerk chicken.

Phone my cousins in NYC. My late auntie was cremated today Wednesday.

Phone my Auntie in Toronto.

Phone my dad's brother in Toronto.

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