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Did You Accomplish Anything Today? Anything At All? If So, Post Here!


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Filed all our income taxes today. The more money we have the more taxes we pay. Did the government help me get that money?

Go to Depression group.

Go to a restaurant with the depression group.

Coffee shop to relax.

DF forums.  

Now I badly need a shower and a shave.

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On 4/24/2016 at 10:46 PM, highanxiety said:

Tried to get some household stuff done, air conditioners ready for summer, laundry, anything to get my mind off a blow I received at my last counseling appointment Thursday.

Finally found one of the best counselors I have ever had.  We connect, and he has helped me so much the past few months.  He has become my rock in a sense.  Such a great guy too.  So compassionate.

At the end of a very productive session, he told me he had some bad news.  He has a rare form of cancer and will be having bone marrow transplant surgery in June.  He has been having Chemo the past four Sundays.  He will be leaving his practice in June and hopefully be back in a few months but with these things it is hard to be sure.  He said he would be referring to another counselor who he thinks would be a good fit.

You would not know anything was wrong unless he told you because he was his usual happy and positive self helping me though my issues.  I kind of was in shock.  My prayers are with him, and we will have about six more sessions.  Why do bad things happen to such good people like my counselor?  Or to any of us for that matter.  

So I will miss him and start over with someone new.  Life is hard.  Very hard.

I cried when I got in my car to leave.

@highanxiety  sorry to hear about your therapist. It really sucks.  

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blood tests

mens group

book store

spoke with Marie...she is going to Hawaii

Starbucks....spoke with Noel

Remedy cafe

Tim Horton's coffee shop

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Haven't been sleeping too good, but I am making all my appointments and running my errands.  Went to the Dentist and grocery store.  Had a long talk with the dental assistant while waiting for the dentist.  Found we had so much in common regarding our siblings.  Her relationship with her brother is very strained as is mine with my sister.  Her ties with family are disrupted as are mine.  I'm completely cut off.  But I think it did both of us good talking about it.

Still trying to process that I will likely loose my therapist.  I am so sorry he is so ill.  And love him and will support him always.  But the story of my life is finally finding just the right person and then something happens, usually tragically, that I end up losing them.

Trying to stay positive, but depression is worsening according to my doctor and has put me on another medication as well as what I am on.

Seeing the negative in the world instead of the positive is definitely a problem I deal with.  The reality is in my mind, there really isn't much positive in the world I can get excited about in lieu of what is happening globally and environmentally.  

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Today so far I have gotten out of bed, and I have put on a change of clothing. I have a bad habit in terms of personal care and wearing the same attire for days straight so changing even a shirt out for a clean one is an accomplishment to some minor degree. I also came back here today, and I have done two other posts before this so I am making a conscious effort to get involved on this forum and talk out things as I work through them. I also did a little bit of fictional writing today with a group I am in. 

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Going to bed late.  Getting up late.  My doctor has prescribed medical pot which is legal at retail in Seattle also, to help with chronic pain.  I am prescribed an ointment with hemp which has helped many with major foot or hand pain, both I have due to osteoarthritis.  You don't get high with the ointment.

I don't smoke, but he said these shops have a lot of edible pot items which he feels might help my pain also, but also get me in a better mood.  Still thinking about that.

Also decided today I am not going to invest in friendships anymore that are only one way, or stressful.  I'm ok with just a few friends, but lately I really am craving solitude to finish my novel.


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No, I failed miserably today. Failed some of my grandkids which makes me feel just terrible and guilty. Seeing the look on my grandson's face has just been to much. So yeah, absolutely nothing  

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Went to the doctors today for my one of two shots a month I receive.

Just talked to and helped counsel a friend who has had major panic attacks today .  I think I helped by listening, but he is totally exhausted.  I'm hoping his new doctor will bump up his anti-anxiety medication.  Feel bad for him because I can relate having several myself that scared the heck out of me.

Grocery shopped.  Now catching up on e-mails.

Otherwise hanging in there.

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Shower and shave

Took my sister to two doctors because she was in a lot of pain.

Eye doctor......eye check up was long over due.


Men's group


Remedy Cafe.....read my book on anger management

Do T1 Adjustment for my sister income tax.  She forgot to give me all the slips.

Pay two bills


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Returned my bank draft to my local bank.  The draft was for my condo in Victoria.

EFT group

Art Therapy


Second Cup coffee shop with Ken...met Annie

Text my niece who just returned from San Francisco.

Starbucks  met Joe my lazy friend

The Next Act Pub with lazy Joe and Tim.

Drove by meat shop which was on sale.

drop off lazy Joe at his house.




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