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Did You Accomplish Anything Today? Anything At All? If So, Post Here!


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Finished up a slumber party for my 10 year old. Took my boyfriend to the airport. Got a few groceries for my two sick kids (just got sick this morning). Played UNO with my son. Read through more DBT skills. Did my DBT practice. Looked online for freelance writing jobs. 

I am so grateful to have this forum where people "get" a topic like this. People without depression would not get this very easily! Life is so frightening. Right now, I am  practicing the Opposite Action skill from DBT, which asks me to take the action opposite to what I want to do (like hide away, crawl in bed, cry and be alone - haha). So, I guess I did pretty well at that today. Now I get to sleep, which is my respite.

Glad to hear everybody's hard work!! Seriously, we do rock, really:))

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Got to the 3/4 point of a big project I've taken on (the first in a while). Listened to DS10 excitedly explain some new Minecraft changes. Helped DD4 with "mermaid hair". Successfully flipped a giant omelette. Broke out the rumination swatter. Rediscovered some long neglected treasures/pleasures/leisure. Took a long bath-bombed soak.

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Went to the mall and got new cell phones for myself and sister.  I had to wait two hours for the guy to do the transactions.    Now My phone works but my sister's quit so back to the store again tomorrow.

I missed my mediation class but made it to Emotions Anonymous then I went for a walk to the book store.   I saw my loser friend and tried to avoid him but he saw me and came over to talk.

I met a barista from Starbucks whom I met last week or so.   I am trying to make new friends.

Text my friend John and chatted him for one hour.

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I spent all night trying to get my new iphone to work.   It was a waste of time and loss of my sleep.

I went to the Trauma Workshop for two hours.  I learned about mindfullness.

I went back to the store where  got my new iphone but they could not fix it.   It is stuck in recovery mode.

This evening I went to the Men without Hat's group.  I had an excellent time there.

Chapters book store where I said HI to my new friend at the Starbucks.

I ran into my freeloader friend and spent some time with him.  He does not have a cell phone therefore it make it difficult to avoid him or meet up with him.

*****I met a cute black lab named Fleetwood.


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Finished an important project and sent it in. Took on two more. Feeling glad  to be taking on productive work again, especially after some very positive feedback.

Sorted out a weird problem with the laptop and cleared close to a gig of much-needed space.

Went to a really fun and educational engineering/geoscience event with the family.

Took a much needed nap.

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I went to the thrift store and bought some t-shirts. They had the colors and sizes I wanted, yay! Then I laundered them. Now I'm wearing one of the shirts. It's soft.

Friday, I tried out a noontime exercise class which was much more difficult than the one I was going to. This one is only half an hour, but, wow, I worked hard! So this morning I signed up for the MWF class starting next week. But I'm going to have to start at the beginning with some stuff--like use low, low, low weights. My lowest dumbbell weight in the Exercise for Older People class was 5 lbs.. So I tried working this new class with 5...bad idea. But I did what I could.

Monday it'll be 3 pounds for me!


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Today was about preparing for taxes.  And watching the South Carolina Democrat Race results.  Got up late as the result of staying up late.   Get caught up on the computer, or watching a late movie.  This is becoming a pattern.  One I need to change so my days will be more productive.

Had a really productive session with my therapist on Thursday.  He and I have covered a lot in the past few months, and I'm beginning to see him uncovering some triggers or even the root for my depression.   He is helping me gain self confidence and trust as we work through my complicated life.  I think he truly and genuinely understands me and feel hopeful he will help me out of this world of self doubt and sadness, into one of joy and hope,

Been feeling kind of low energy lately.  Take the good days with the bad.


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Went to the doctor for a check up.

Groceries and got a new cell phone for my other sister.  This took over two hours.

Went to look at a used car.

Another grocery store

Shower and shave

Met with a lady from Amway at Starbucks.  She gave me a book to read.  The 'Go Geter. '

Book store

Wash my car.

Visit with my eldest sister.

I have been up all night writing some emails to a mortgage company.

Over all a good day.

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Got up early today, something I've been trying to do more regularly

Made bacon and eggs for breakfast, something I've been trying to do more regularly

Attempted to make plans with friends, all three of them didn't answer their phones. Feeling ignored and neglected. Been trying to make plans for almost two weeks now. Will try again later.

Cutting back on smoking, only 3 today when I'd usually have had 6 or 7 by now.

Probably walk the dog later, it's nice out today (but really really windy).

Might update later.

Scratch everything for the rest of the day, now feeling so depressed I don't even feel like doing anything.

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Been having a bit of a rough spot so I'm trying to allow myself some quiet time without feeling guilty for doing nothing. But I have managed to do some crafting which means I'm still showing some interest in something. There are times I can't do anything at all. So crafting is a good sign.

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