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Did You Accomplish Anything Today? Anything At All? If So, Post Here!


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I woke up this morning and made some breakfast. Tried to put up the TV stereo till I figured out it is impossible and if I do get it up it is going to be to loud in condo.

pick up meds at Pharmacy, went to Home Depot and got some needed hair products. Got back and knocked out for a few hours.

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Dealt with a poor little barfing kiddo today, but was relieved I saw the signs before she started and was prepared. Decided **** the dishes and stayed in my pajamas most of the day, read, played games, and unwound (between bouts of head holding and bowl rinsing). Got other kiddo registered for an engineering/geoscience contest with one school buddy and sent him off to the pool with another. Soaked the situational ick. Washed enough dishes to have dinner. Caught my mind-monkeys giving me crap for not pushing myself too hard today and gave them a bop on the nose and a cookie. Killed a lot of zombies.

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Shower and shave

Attend depression/anxiety group

Second cup coffee shop

Tim Horton's coffee shop


I got a hug from a total stranger who shouted, "Happy Valentines Day."  She ran up to me and gave me a huge hug.   

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Switched from coffee to herbal tea before I lost my mind, accepted a new project for work, had an hour long phone catch-up with a friend, made brainstorming plans for the Popsicle bridge (meeting later this afternoon), folded laundry, cleaned the kitchen & did the stack of dishes I've been avoiding, and am getting ready for a walk in the rain. Aiming for a long bath tonight.

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Had a big day dealing with a broken furnace. Dealing with repair people is not something I like to do. Even just the phone calls bother me. But I got through it.  Also made it to the store and gassed up my car. 

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I met with an old friend Vernon for coffee. He is a real estate expert and he gave me some good ideas on investing.

I went to Best Buy to return a DVD Blu Ray player.  I bought a cheaper one.

I went to Walmart and returned printer ink which was cheaper elsewhere.  I bought a gallon of car oil and wind shield washer fluid which was on sale. 

I went to Bulk Barn to buy nuts and chips but they were closed. Today was a holiday here.

Home Depot for furnace filter.  Found none.

Second Cup coffee where I met my friends and a nice young lady who works there.

Remedy Cafe with my loser friend Joe.

Went for a walk where I was attacked buy a hooligan who claimed I was violating his Canadian Charter of Rights and Freedom.

Wrote a long text message to my friend Tim complaining about Joe and the hooligan who attacked me. I have lost some respect for Canadians after this attack.

Buy gas.

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did 3 things i've avoided for a long time... these kind of tasks i procrastinate on forever even though it doesn't take that long.

1. called to request new credit card

2. applied for birth certificate

3. booked my drivers test

i also drank last night.. it's family day in canada and we went through probably 5 bottles of alcohol together. it was nice but i'm trying to quit drinking again

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Felt unmotivated.  I have so much to do to prepare for my tax accountant next week.  Feeling guilty about not working on that.  Stayed in most of the day.  I like to walk around the village where I live. Lots of restaurants, coffee houses, art galleries, and boutiques.  Know a lot the merchants, or servers.  If lonely, I just walk out my door.  Driving around downtown and on the freeways is chaotic so I really don't drive much, so having everything I need close by is a blessing.

Hope everyone is having a decent evening and a better tomorrow.  

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I slept most of the day.  

My brother-in-law came over and we chatted.

Canada Post sent a supervisor to find out why I am receiving other peoples mail.  He called me a liar and refused to give me his name.  He said I did not provide any evidence to support my claim. This problem has been going on since  September 2014.

I went to see my friend Tim to return his house keys because I changed my mind to look after his house.  He got mad at me and created a scene.  I told him off.  I then went to Starbucks and told my other friend Joe I want my money back.  The money I had lent him. Joe said he did not know what I was talking about and he left.

Tim and Joe called my sister and made up a story that I created a scene at Starbucks and the police had to be called. I received a call from my sister that she is ill so I went to her place only to find out the truth.  

My sisters are so stupid they failed to question my friends as to what really happened.  My sisters automatically took my friends side of the story.

I shower and shaved and now I am watching tv.

I am losing respect for the human race every time some lies are made up about me.




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I got ambitious and changed the light bulbs in my car, all the head and tail lights and all the signal lights and such. There are 18 bulbs total. And really strange, all of them work. The car is 16 years old so I figured they were all at the end of their useful life.  It all started because a cornering lamp was out, can't have that now, can we?

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I went to a depression group.

I went to Costco.

I went to a second depression group where we had a guest speaker.

I went to Emotions Anonymous.

Chapters book store where I met my friend Lau and a friendly staff member at Starbucks.

Second Cup coffee shop where I met a friendly staff member.

Tim Horton's coffee.

Called my co-worker Johnny.

Text my friend John.


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I met with two therapists at Momentum Counselling to discuss my rage. They told me my rage is not me.  I can put it aside and keep an eye on it.  

I attended EFT. (Emotional Freedom Techniques) Tapping.

I picked up my sister from work and we went to Bulk Barn, Walmart, McDonalds, and Sobeys grocery store.

Later Mall and had supper there.

Starbucks- met my friend for coffee and met an acquaintance.  She has her own small business.  

Second Cup Coffee where I met Annie.  

Enjoy the beautiful winter night.

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