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Did You Accomplish Anything Today? Anything At All? If So, Post Here!


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 Replacing my boss who's sick today,  at a Senior Management meeting.  OMG it's amazing that I didn't turn totally insane.  I hope is there tomorrow because there is two meetings with Senior's Management, I understand now why sometime my boss look like that   :mad1: those senior's executive really can drive you nuts.

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I just woke up, fer crissakes... don't be so demanding! : )

Umm... if I can spend a productive hour at the gym and do some laundry, it'll be a great day!


Well, uggh.  Spent just shy of ten minutes on the recumbent bike, got weary and dizzy, went home.  I'll try again on Thursday.  I don't know what kind of disease I've got, but I've got so little energy.

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I have my granddaughter for five weeks. I have survived one week so far. My depression level is very high and I know it's because of the change in my routine. My routine consists in working on my blogs constantly. In one week I have barely been able to do that. We are doing fun things everyday, but I can't seem to wake up.  I just want to be in bed. I talk more and more about my depression on my blogs and on youtube. I think that is helping me because it's helping others to see they are not alone. Yesterday we went to walmart so that was a big accomplishment. Today I hope to do painting activities.

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Doing some laundry.


Pulled out some "never-wears" to take to Goodwill.


Bought some new dishes and silverware - gotta deploy and chuck the old stuff.


Got another two loads of laundry to go, maybe three.


Ready the trash for the garbagemen tomorrow morning.

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Went to exercise class and walked/jogged 20 min. before class.

Read some paperwork.

Had a good idea for what to do about negative thoughts: sue them for divorce. Since lately, I impute to my husband all sorts of negative stuff that he does not intend or even do, and my brain goes to thoughts of divorce, I thought I would, with help, draw up a legal document to divorce my negative thoughts.

I might insist they pay me reparation for all the damage they've done me throughout my lifetime. I estimate such damages to be in the millions of dollars.

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Ran a couple of errands.


Had a moderate workout - still not fully recovered from whatever's been ailing me the past couple of weeks.


Paid a few bills.  (Didn't I just do this last month!??!)


Phoned my aunt, who lives with my cousin (her son) about 300 miles away.  I'll be visiting her in about a month - we've both got birthdays around then.  I think she'll be 86 or 88 or something?

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Busy night:

  • I bought some underwear on the way home.
  • I picked up my kid from day care.
  • I talked to my mom.
  • I took my kid to the park.
  • I did some laundry.
  • I made dinner.
  • I did the dishes.
  • I put out some bug traps.
  • I put my kid to bed.
  • I emptied the diaper pail.
  • I gathered up old clothes to donate & put them in my car.
  • I cleaned out the junk drawer.
  • I re-made my rope anklet (had to cut the old one off when I gained weight a few years ago).
  • I found my old quartz necklace I made in college.
  • I poked around on DF for a little while.


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I went to the local hospital to get checked out.  I am not feeling well  as you probably know.   I thought I was dehydrated but it turns out that I was constipated do they gave me a jug of Glycol to drink and pass out the stuff  from my colon.


I have been suffering from frequent urination and I was hoping they would have a solution for me.   The doctor informed me i will feel better once my colon is cleared up.   I hope he is correct.


I also saw my psychiatrist who increased my Rivotril to 2mg at night.  I am only getting half hour sleep at night so I hope the increase helps me.


Paid my house insurance.





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