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Treatment Resistant Depression Advice?


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Hi guys,

I just wanted to ask for some advice from people who have treatment resistant depression. One of the major things that's causing me anxiety is the thought that I have treatment resistant depression and that this is as good as it's ever going to get. I tend to search forums when I'm feeling really low to get some reassurance that I'll get better but all I ever find is people who are still struggling with depression. Is it possible to recover from this or will I forever be stuck in this state? I'm starting to think like I shouldn't be aiming to get better and just to mull about and cope which is the most upsetting thing for me. I'm losing hope rapidly :(

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i think it is better not to focus on the idea of being in a certain state for a length of time. but to try to think of small ways that you can improve the state that you are currently in. and to continue to find ways to improve the current state, and to enact continuous small improvements on the current problems.

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Hi Brown, I also have treatment resistant depression. I have greatly improved for the long term since being on the right combination of meds for me.

You must never give up and when one combination of meds doesn't help or helps for awhile then seems to not work anymore don't be afraid to tell your Pdoc about it. You can and will get betterl.

My Pdoc finally sent me to a Pdoc friend of his 5 hr. away, but this Pdoc's thinking was "out-of-the-box". He started me on a combination that I had never tried. That was the start of finding out what would work for me long term.

I've never been afraid to place myself inhospital for a change of meds and daily therapy, treatment, and always came out with more tools to cope, fight and challenge Depression. I am a better man for it.

I've sought CBT and EBT therapy. PLUS bought self-help workbooks to help me in the fight.

I can't say I'm cured but I can say the times I sink into deep depression are now much less. I can never let my guard down,The Giant Depression would certainly like me to quit fighting and let him throw me into the Pit of Despair, Depression and Anxiety. But we are in a Battle for our very lives. We must get all the knowledge, understanding and treatment we can get to overthrow this in our lives. iF YOU READ a lot of the forums they will help.too

Fight On, Never Give UP

There is Help for You outhere----keep Searching

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