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Older, Under Employed.

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I lost my job a year ago, after having been there 12 years. I haven't been able to find anything but temporary jobs. My current job is per diem. I was told I could get 40 hours most weeks but since they hired a bunch of people, the average is 15-20 a week. I missed out on a shift this morning and had an anxiety attack.

I've struggled with depression most of my life. The past year has been the worst. I'm feeling old and useless. I hate my life and myself. I feel like my life is over. Thanks for listening.

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Hi purple,

Its never to late to seek medical treatment. Perhaps your just one antidepressant away from having an improved view on your life. There is no cure for clinical depression, but many have beeln helped in this manner. Hope things improve for you either way. Welcome to DF, I believe you will find much encouragement here from people who care. Just knowing your not alone in the fight over depression can build up a persons mood. Take care purple and thanks for sharing and dont feel alone. -- Pathos

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I'm so sorry that you are feeling so down. It sounds like you have some very valid reasons to be down. This economy is horrible for anyone seeking a job. Please don't feel like it's you, it's not, it's the rotten economy.

Have you ever taken anti-depressants? It sounds like you may be suffering from depression, and that is a very treatable condition.

Could you go in to see your doctor and explain your symptoms to him? It's a place to start at least.

I hope things improve for you.

Be well.


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dear 999 don't know how old your are, I'm 56 now but when I was around 50 I was searching for part time work and though I wouldn't be able to find any but I did. I sought out a job that I would like and not just for the pay. I've always wanted to help others so I searched and found a job with a non profit as a job developer for disabled people, physical and mental issues, I really enjoyed it but I could not make over $700 per month so I was only able to work for four months. I also taught for my local community college, though I had not competed my masters I had enough units and degrees to be able to teach. this was a contract job that paid very well but again I was limited to what I could make. there are jobs out there for us older folks we just have to be able to use our life experiences and education that we poses. good luck to you and if I can be of help please contact me here. Frank

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Thank you all for your kind words. When I lost my job, I lost my insurance. I was on the generic form of Effexor. The cost for that generic was over $400 a month. I can't say I feel all that much worse off the meds...but then again my job stressed me to the max. Everybody there was on high blood pressure medication, antidepressants, or antianxiety meds. I don't miss the place.

I can't really afford regular doctor visits and I dread the attempts to find a more affordable medication. And the one and only provider for the ACA (Obamacare) is only offering catastrophic insurance...I would have to pay the first $3700 *after* what I pay for the insurance.

So I'm trying 5-htp and some other herbal supplements. I'm just having an especially difficult time with the holidays and winter. It has a disappointing year.

Again, thank you all for your responses. I desperately need contact with people who understand.

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I feel ya, Purple.

I am 61 and I take care of my 94-yr old Dad - I have Major Depression and Anxiety

I have not worked outside the home for about a year - since my Dad slid from electric wheelchair and broke his leg, I am caretaker only

I have taken effexor, zoloft, wellbutrin and celexa as anti-depressants, also took risperdal, ativan and ambien

but now I have taken no psych meds whatsover since last March

I am lucky I have care through Veterans Administration and now do nothing but talk therapy with VA Psychologist -

no meds except thru primary doc for cholestrol and Blood Pressure

I can't say the antidepressant meds I took in the past really helped too much

the talk therapy is great

I will not seek any job while my Dad is living

sooner or later I will probably try to work some and will be eligible for soc sec within a year

i think i will be allowed to make a certain amount a month - i dunno

but I face that feeling of "my life is over" all the time

I left a good job at the Army Airfield at Ft Hood to come be with my Dad

had a piddly nothing job here for a while til he broke his leg - i found that even a "nothing" job was stressful

as people are fighting to get even a job that pays peanuts

i will never have a neat job like on the military airfield again

but Psychologist at VA has helped much in battling that "my life is over" crap

yer purple and I'm Blue

we may be older, but we're NOT THROUGH!

hang in there!

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