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Back On Meds: Faverin (Fluvoxamine)

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And here I am, I finally visited a pdoc after 3 years. I visited some pdocs in the past but nothing helped me, didn't even have enough money to buy meds and I was still an undergraduate. Now since I ever moved to where I am working, OCD came back with vengeance. Luckily, I have enough money now and I made the decision and visited a pdoc. He diagnosed me with OCD but, as some people know about me here, I also (I think) suffer from BPD (borderline).

He prescribed me Faverin (fluvoxamine) and I am hopefully planning to try it for at least 8-12 weeks, I informed my pdoc about this as I tried many meds in the past but they were for 5-6 weeks maximum. Let's hope for something good...

From my first half pill (50mg, I take it after lunch at noon, as prescribed), I felt some nausea! Then some sleepiness on the 2nd and 3rd day, and also a loss of motivation on the 3rd one as well! This is normal right?

I shall be, as prescribed, raising the dosage by 50mg each 10 days to eventually reach 200mg before my follow-up session.

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These forums were so much active in the past, what happened? :(

May I add that right now, sleepiness and yawning are my main side effects, do they usually go away with time?

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