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Anyone Else Feeling So Empty?


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I'm so empty. I feel saddness but it's not a normal saddness that you can cry about and feel better after. It's like a splinter that is so deep. I can't even frickin cry. I shed one or two tears when I need to bawl but it's like I can't. My eyes have literally no tears, I get a headache. I'm so friggin lonely and alone and my heart feels like it's not even there. It's like an empty space behind my ribs. I really just wish that I was dead. I'm tired of having to hear the same echoe every day. I'm tired of not being able to cry. I wanna fu***** hurt something because I'm so fed up. It's like where do I go from here? What's next? Will I ever be healed from my mental & physical issues? I'm tormented by my own mind by my memories by my stupid dreams. I loved somebody and I lost them just when they started to get close to me. I miss them so much. They were my only friend my only lover. I don't know. I'm just hating life right now. Anyone else feeling similar? How are you getting by?

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Sorry You are feeling so badly Frozenheart;

As you know you'll find help hear.

I have gone thru similar feelings. I know You know they are just feelings and emotions that we have to endure for awhile. This too shall pass.

Its the waiting that is soo horrible. I waited 10 yrs. to get long term relief. Yet, I learned alot in the process.

Its finding the right Pdoc and the right combo of meds and therapy for You.

Wishing You the Best.

Just Never Give Up. There is Help out there......

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I understand how you feel Frozenheart, even though i do cry nothing seems to feel better inside, that ache continues, and just doesn't go away, i would often get comfort from music, but then the music brings memories and then the crying would start again, and the memories would resurface, not that they have gone, and that empty loneliness feeling inside becomes more intense, sometimes i just want to scream and yell, but when i do there is no answer to why all this emotional, mental, physical pain, i have just recently lost friendships that meant so much to me. i have been physically sick, and just got out of the hospital not too long ago, i am trying to not go back in, so i have been trying to talk to other people, which is hard to do, i am not good in reaching out, and making new friends, i have also been taking something for anxiety, and paxil, sometimes it helps, i am sorry i have no advice to give but i do feel the same way as you,

i hope it gets better for you.

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Thanks everyones. You're right graycoyote on every point. I'm sorry onlinefitnesstrainer & in the shadows. It's so hard when you can't cry & you can't get past the past. I made the mistake of visiting someones facebook page I said I wouldn't because I knew how it would make me feel and I learned my lesson cause it just ripped me apart and made me feel so unlucky.

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