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Venlafaxine Bruxism Side Effect

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I have never had any sort of teeth clenching/grinding problem until this week when I started venlafaxine. I've been bruxing both day and night. It has made me not eat very much since my teeth hurt constantly, and my sleep is minimal.

I was looking to see if this goes away quickly or not, since I do not want to get a guard for no reason.

Hearing of anyone's experience of this would help,

Thank you

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Hi JMCD - Welcome to Df. :welcomeani:

Teeth clenching is indeed a side effect of Venlafaxine, however, it does subside with a stable level of the meds in your body. When your body adjusts to the meds, you should notice other side effects should become less pronounced over time as well.

If it becomes too much of an issue then speaking about it to your GP may help.

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I have been suffering with jaw clenching for a while now. It's disrupting my sleep, I'm eating less and have even broken a tooth because of it. I can't wear a mouth guard and have tried asprin, paracetamol and cocodamol but has no affect. 

Please advise me of any pain relief or remedies that could help because this pain is getting unbareable 


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