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The Universe And Ocd

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Hi Folks,

I am now an Atheist, I felt that that Unforgivable Sin spoken about in Christianity is one that I had committed. In May I started taking Zoloft and I stopped them in September. I was doing so well I was not afraid of going to hell and finally felt my life was back.


Yesterday my girlfriend told me she watched a program about the Big Bang she said that she had problems believing we came from Nothing! So this put me on a search & Started my OCD. Eventually I came to one of two conclusions

1) We don't know right now but may do in the future.

2) God did it?!

This then made me panic - God created the Universe, I then Jumped to the opinion that this God was 'Yahweh' God of the Bible and that the Unforgivable Sin then triggered Anxiety and am now back in the OCD Spiral.

****! -- So back I go on Sertraline (Lustral) and bye bye sex life lol.

Need some encouragement here has anything like this happened to you folks?

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I spent a lot of time thinking about these things. The truth is we'll probably never know the answer so obsessing over it makes no sense if we'll probably never get to the answer. At this point I don't care what the answer is. Life is to do whatever we think is the right thing to do. Giving up your sex life makes no sense to me. It's the best thing on earth so enjoy it.

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I was once a Jehovahs witness and i and i had ( and still do) have a big interest in Jesus. When i was 19 however i heard (So i thought) through symbolism around me that God was talking to me. Hence God described that it was destiny to marry a woman who was my brothers girlfriend. I had a vision under a low shrubby bush and thought she was impregnated with my child. So hence I seduced his girlfriend to marry her and be the queen of a kingdom that would save the world.

That sounds like schizophrenia....i know. As a result of my action my brother took a 22 caliber rifle and killed himself.

I still think im guilty and going come some bad end...all the time. My Ocd is really spooky but i do not think that what I have described above is ocd ,its psychosis.

To be quiet honest I believe i get ill regularly with psychosis.I also have chronic hypochondria /ocd ..that leads to bead depression....and i engage in hand washing and face washing till my skin comes off. There is a class of medication that helps it.

Which i take as directed.

Yeah but Ocd is just horrible .........as i said in another post on another thread it pushes me towards Si...I am only 13 days clear of Si.

So its pretty bad ay...and although im 60 now the events of my brothers suicide still effect me.I never talked to my health professionals about my psychosis's..i really think i should. I has only been in the past months that i admitted to my self that i get psychotic and may have schizophrenia. For me OCD is part of my schizophrenia .....i have hurt so many people with my illness...im really sad about that.

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