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Df Involvement Poll

Df involvement Poll  

36 members have voted

  1. 1. Do you tell people in your every day life about your involvement with Df?

    • Yes
    • No
    • Sometimes

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Everyone who is close to me already knows about my illness so they wouldn't be shocked or anything.

I've specifically mentioned DF and how it has helped me to my brother. He's my best friend and very supportive.

Anyway I voted for "sometimes" :)

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The things I post here are completely different to the things I say in real life. In real life, I'm always smiling and making jokes. I wouldn't want anyone to see the miserable, defeated and sometimes whiny things that I post about here. This side of me is my personal secret.

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Yes, I've told quite many people that I'm a member of this forum, but I always refer to a 'mental health forum' or 'depression message board' or something else as generic. I never mention it's specifically DF. The same people I've chosen to tell know I frequent far more peculiar sites than a mental health community would be. Actually, most of them are happy for me that I'm able to get peer support this way and give my support to you in return.

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I was looking back at threads and thought this one was a good one to resurrect.


I have told a few people about finding DF and that it's been extremely helpful but they have no idea how helpful it has been to me nor do they know how much time I spend here :)  so I voted sometimes.


What about you?

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