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Not Sure Where To Begin

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I'm a gay male who has lived in silence all of my life. First my family, who is very religious, have been very outspoken about gay people and how they are doomed. They've stopped talking to family who've switched denominations so I can't imagine what they would say to me. I live in a different state but they are all that I have. I have no friends where I live. I literally stay in bed unless I have to go to work as a school teacher. I question why I have a Facebook acct. because all the "friends" I have are family members. In addition to being gay, I suffer from extreme shyness. I am terrified to be around people I don't know. My life sucks.

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Hey drew!

First off, don't worry about a sucky life. About 7 billion people are feeling sucky on a daily basis.

I had a homophobic mom who talks at least twice a week on how she used to bully her schoolmates and beat them up coz they act 'gay' and that by beating them, hopefully they'd straighten up and a passive-aggressive dad who thinks that gay people should be drowned.

Imagine how i was feeling when i finally came out to my whole family lol..

I get how you dont have friends in your area. Its hard to have friends especially straight friends but if so, then you should be honest to yourself. You could make a joke about it if you dont feel like telling them up front.

As for your shyness, i was shy too you know. Besides, you're gonna have a really hard time making new friends if you have a wall of shyness on you.

Give it a shot and hey don't forget you can always have me as a friend if things dont go your way. I'm virtually online 24/7 :D

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