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In Need Of Some Guidance From Those Who Have Endured!

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Hello everyone,

This is my first time to this site and am so appreciative that there are sites like this so people can chat about their issues. I guess the reason I am here is because lately (like the last year or so) I have not been ok. I have been to psychiatrists who say I have depression/anxiety, one psych. doctor told me I have bipolar yet my therapist highly disagrees with this. I have been on so many different medications that would help for a little while and then I am right back in the same boat as before. I actually broke down and went to a homeopathic doctor out of Chicago. The institute was called the Total Health Institute if anyone has ever heard about it. They work on balancing all systems nervous, digestive, ellimination, and mental/emotional patterns. I didn't have a lot of money so I could only afford the testing and a few supps. The testing included a CBC, Urinalysis, stool samples, and hormonal testing. I was found to have very high inflammation in my body, the bad kind of e-coli and c-dif in my stool, and my cortisol levels were on the low end. I then took these results to my family doctor who skimmed through everything and said it was all psychological. Believe me I was a crying, blubbering mess after that visit. Not only was his wife (who is a nurse at the office) was extremely rude but the doc. seemed to not even care. I just feel really scared about what is going on with me. I have never been this bad off before, I feel completely out of sorts ( not with it cognitively) I do not get restorative sleep, and I constantly cry all day long. I also get the flashing lights in my eyes, and ringing in my ears. I have been to so many doctors telling them something is off and no-one will listen to me and chalk it up to anxiety/depression. I guess my question is, if that is truly what I am going through have any of you experienced these symptoms that I have discussed? Also is it possible that my high inflammation and gastrointestinal issues could be causing me to feel so completely out of sorts? I guess I am at my wits end because I have the proof that I have physical issues going on but medical doctors sometimes have a hard time looking into the alternative medicine approach. My insurance only covers regular physicians and not homeopathic.

Anyway, I just needed to vent because I have been in so much emotional pain for the last year I find it hard to stay positive some days. So any insight from fellow people with depression would be greatly appreciated!

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Good to here from You, Lynny31. I would think someone in this community has been thru a lot of what You have been thru.

I tried many meds and combinations there of before my Pdoc found the right combo for me. The Pdocs don't know exactly how a med will work for You because we are all different then You add any physical problems it makes it even harder for them. For me it took several years before finding what really worked for the long term.

Sounds like your Pdoc wants to get the Depression under control before having Your other docs treat the physical. Maybe that is the most important ailment, He believes at this time.

Only advice I can give you is too Never Give Up ---- There is Help for You out there.

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Thank you Graycoyote for your response. Sometimes all a person needs is reassurance that they are not alone!!! Everything you stated makes perfect sense. I agree that maybe I should get the depression under control and I would be able to handle everything better. I am in a transition period right now because I am trying to get into seeing a different psychiatrist. So currently I am taking no medication except klonopin, which just completely zones me out, but I guess it's better than crying all day long because I feel so out of sorts. Thanks again for you response :flowers:

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