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Can't Talk To People Closest

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Hi, having posted on here a few times recently, I've noticed something about myself, which I'd never realised before. I've been having relationship problems with my friend and girlfriend and I've notice that, one reason for some of the problems is I can't talk to my girlfriend, I hate telling her anything personnel, yet I can tell my friend anything and I have other friends who I can also tell very private things. I also get told by my girlfriend not to tell my friends about our relationship, so who and I supposed to talk to? But the main trend I recognised was that I can't talk to my girlfriend or family and I never have been able to. Is this normal, or is there a reason?

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Why would your GF tell you not to tell anyone about the relationship you have with her? Is she ashamed of you, does she have another BF and doesn't want him to find out, or what?

Your significant other is someone with whom you should be able to share your innermost secrets and desires. Why do you not feel comfortable in doing so? I guess if she doesn't want you to tell anyone you're in a relationship with her that would be reason enough though...

Some things are best left unsaid, and if it's something you're afraid might be used against you in the future it's probably best kept to yourself, but your posts leaves a lot of questions unanswered.

I don't have anyone to confide in. If I have a problem I have to work it out myself, or just keep my mouth shut. If something good is happening I don't have anyone to tell about it either. It would be nice to have someone I can trust just to talk about everyday things to, but there's not even someone like that in my life.

A friend, to me, is just someone you've let get close enough to stab you in the back.

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Thanks for your reply. My girlfriend doesn't mind me telling people I'm in a relationship with her, but she doesn't want me confiding in friends, anything about that relationship, if I'm down, which stops me getting support from friends. I don't know the reason why I can't talk to my girlfriend, it's probably because I don't want to look week, but for dome reason it doesn't bother me when telling friends. I don't think she's ashamed of me, I think she just wants me all to herself, but that makes me feel like a possession. She is quite jealous, if I spend time with friends.

I love having friends, but I agree if I do confide in them they do have the power to hurt me.

I hope this explains more.

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anything??? or anything that would paint her in a bad light in their eyes or anything to do with your sex life? Does she confide in her friends about your relationship?

What is it you can't confide in her? is it something that is likely to hurt, disappoint, possibly destroy your relationship with her? Is it something that would require her help and therefore you feel weaker and as though you are annoying her with something more. i ask because i have been here too.... i know what mine was.

it wasn't hard to confide in friends... they had been there for me longer then my partners, they had seen me through depression, they had always shown support, they knew the hardships i had been thru, my history. They are close enough for me to consider them brothers and a few sisters from other mothers and fathers.

Is she jealous of your friends or a particular friend? Why do you think she's jealous of your friends.

Feeling like someone's possession - that's just saddening and from experience i know how you feel.

Good luck.

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