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That's great that you were assertive Iris_16 ; assertiveness is so difficult when you have depression.

You must be very proud of yourself. Keep up the good work.

thank you! :hugs:

It's exactly as you said, since I fell into depression I've never, ever been sure of my own decisions and I question my every single move, paralysed by fear.

But for the first time I was able to be truly sure of it, and it pleases me because it was also quite an important decision (changing therapist, basically).

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Carried Thanksgiving Baskets of all the fixings for a Great Thanksgiving Dinner to 4 homes today. People very appreciative. Baskets or rather boxes had big Turkey, Dressing mix, beans, cornbread mix, fixing for 2 pies, etc........ So much fun, had 2 kids with us who couldn't wait to help take in the stuff!!!

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Even though I am ill with a cold.Ifeel ok mentally today. My mother made me feel very loved with a surprise for me.She is my biggest supporter.I am very lucky to have a wonderful mother like here.And I am grateful fot that.

I can relate so much! My mother is the one that saved my life. Whenever I'm feeling low, I can go to her and she'll hug me and kiss my hair.

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