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Problem With Friend And Girlfriend

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Climber 1,

Do you have any hobbies or friends as distractions this weekend? I'm not one for exercise... in fact I usually tell people I'm allergic but if you can (cause I remember u saying sometimes your sciatica plays up) find something physical to do - ie. boxing, running... again just another distraction from the current situation.

Your girlfriend sounds like she is reacting the way she does because she is jealous - maybe in her mind rightfully so. Back away from your friend... let her know that you need to concentrate on your girlfriend right now and see what happens. You and your girlfriend got together for a reason.... what was it. This time away from your friend may help strengthen your confidence in your girlfriend and your relationship. She may feel more relaxed and you may see things in a different light - ie. she can/does make you happy.

Friends can come back together as friends after a stretch of time as though nothing had even happened... no time had passed. if she truly is a good friend she will not make you feel guilty about this either.

Use anon forums such as this one and your counsellor to confide in....other's may not be that supportive and their entitled to their opinion/s but there are those of us that will support you regardless your choice.

I'll be on to check on ur feedback every 24hrs unless something drastic happens. Good luck and the biggest hugs.

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