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Starting Parnate And Freaked Out

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When I took Parnate eons ago I dosed AM & 3PMish. Aprox 1 hr after AM pills I had an overwhelming urge to sleep. During the years I took it I never thought to take it at night but that would have prob helped as I could NEVER sleep at night on parnate....only during the day!!!

Parnate never helped my severe depression and I took 60 mg day. (wt.110 lbs). It did make me want to read all night. Getting off of it was a NIGHTMARE!!! Felt like death. After stopping I Gained lots of weight and had terrible cravings for sweets. Eventually lost the weight and stopped wanting to eat sugar out of the bowl 6mo to a yr later.!

Now I read that relief for TR-MDD only comes at a dose of 120mg Up to 140mg per day. I wonder....Would that have made a difference? Afraid to try again b/c of the dreadful time getting off of it. Any advice on high dose Parnate? (FDA say's 60 mg max)

Anyone get MOTIVATION on Parnate? OR...Help w/ Executive Function and everyday chores?

Thank You! gravity

BUMP....I really need your help w/ this question re/ high dose Parnate. Also the side effects you all experience on any dose. I need motivation and relief ASAP for TR-MDD that never lifts.

Thank's.... gravity

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I was on as much as 80mg/day Parnate, but was on 60mg/day most of the time. Even though I took half doses in the morning and late afternoon, it gave me some insomnia, but I still got enough sleep. When I took a half dose I got a bit of a rush, like after taking a caffeine pill. It unfortunately gave me orthostatic hypotension, but I never actually stumbled or fell. It also gave me sudden strong urges to urinate. Not more frequently, just less predictably, if that makes any sense.

I think I had better ability to concentrate and more motivation to exercise. No sexual dysfunction either. Basically I liked it better than the tricyclic I'm on right now.

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I find that after 1 hour of taking it, I feel it working, like I feel like I'm taking a stimulant along with it. Sometimes that makes my anxiety worse because I am on a low dosage 20mg, and from what I read it's 30mg for it to work. When I did take it at night I would have major insomnia and barely sleep for more than 1 or 2 hours. Some people take it at night and have no problems.

Just curious what other side effects have you had from taking Parnate? 

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9 hours ago, graycoyote said:

I have been taking  Marplan for many years now.  I'm going thru a multitude is stress right now. The doc is adding Rexulti has anyone been on it?

My friend is on that and it works for her.....good luck!

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