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Under My Wings, I Will Protect You, Warrior.

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Avenged Sevenfold - So Far Away

Kneeling with a gaze to the sights of the sky, it's layden arms weep with the tears of bereavement entrenching the very cracks between the exposed earthly hollows, softening the harsh wiles of this land, layed barren by the travelers of the past.

Now only memorys are conceal within the earths secret life, lived in shadows and moments of despair. Will it rise again? Only to be destoryed, for each season brings a new dawn a new strength, the hope is never lost never forgotten, it's a striving fight for which those who truly understand the battle shall forgo everything, everyone, every secret ever told and every wish that could not be met.

I yearn with a burn of what used to be, and what could have been to relise I am not alone, that my gaze is also met with an arch of protection, it holds me in stillness with waves exuding great warmth, piercing cladings of steel and iron in which I have found myself surrounded in to survive the unpredictable nature of this land.

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Hi Fighting 4 Survival

I am so glad that you shared this. I have missed reading your awesome work. You have a true talent and have a wonderful way of looking inside which reveals realizations :)


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