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I Think I May Have Adhd/add. Please Help :(

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Hi everyone, I used to post pretty often herebut I have rarely posted nowadays. I'm very bad at giving advices too, am always telling people to think of the brighter side of things when I myself tend to eat my own words.

I have to mention that I'm good at studies even if I don't study a lot. However, I am very bad when people demonstrate something to me, it can be something easy like how to fold clothes. I will tend to forget the next minute. This is what happened during my part-time job. I feel ..stupid./

For people who have no idea about my situation, I posted stories of my past about how I struggled in school and finally graduated with a diploma at the age of 24 , so I started my first job with a low pay in October. As I was still afflicted with work anxiety issues, I had feedback about me needing to interact more with my colleagues and whatnot about me being too reserved, I was working with learning disabilities adults and they were all so lovely to me, except for the colleagues. I was even criticized for being too "friendly" and "nice" to the trainees.

So after a few months, I left the job for something of a higher pay and more related to what I studied- chemical. I started my new job in April so as of now, I was still pretty new. However, yesterday my colleague(the engineer I'm under) feedbacked to me that I lost focus easily and not doing work of competency as yet. I was also studying an advanced part-time course in chemical, but I find out it's not what I want to do as a future career. I want to do something that helps people, like a social worker.So I feel stressed out over what I really want in life. I want to reiterate that I am not very good at my course(Chemical) and the reason I am doing so is to try out a job close to what I studied. I am currently working in a laboratory and it is a highly routine job which requires precision and accuracy and steps which I can't miss. I am on fluoxetine for 3 years and have shaky hands which are kind of impeding me at work, but I can't disclose my illness to the employers of course.

Today , I overslept for the whole day today. I had work , but I slept all the way through the day till at night. I did not inform my colleagues about not coming for work and I am sure I am going to face the music tomorrow.

Can anyone please give me some support? I feel really down, about my performance at work. I think I might have Attention deficit disorder. My attention span is short and when my colleagues demonstrated to me, I forgot the steps the next minute.

Should I resign? I am at a loss. My superior told me the talk with me yesterday was not to "terminate" or penalize me, and if I do improve over the weeks, I may be a confirmed employee of the company. However, I was absent today without informing anyone.. I think they will definitely think of me as an irresponsible person and I have a hunch they will tell me off tomorrow.

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I'm sorry to hear that and i'm glad you shared your concerns and I hope you get the support you need, I often feel lost and confused too and tell my therapist that I feel ( i'm traveling in life with no destination ) but honestly I don't think anyone is really certain about what they want in life and according to my shrink.. Life can't be planned.

Missing work without informing your boss or colleagues or not getting along with them doesn't really have anything to do with ADD ( in my opinion ), maybe you don't really like what you do ? also remember that depression and anxiety impair memory and cognitive function big time ! whenever I suffer a depression relapse I can't do the easiest tasks nor really understand lectures ( even if i'm on Ritalin).

if the short attention span is the problem, maybe you should give ADD medications a chance before quitting your job ? Adult ADD is common and I wouldn't have made it at school if it wasn't for the meds.

Don't worry about missing work, it happens and I hope you won't get fired but in worst case scenario ... you can always find a new job hopefully a better one.

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Ask yourself a few questions:

1. Do you find yourself "zoning out" during conversations?

2. Do you become bored easily?

3. Do you often do things without thinking about them and then later come to regret them?

4. Have you ever been so focused on something that it seemed like nothing else existed around you? If yes, do you experience slight disorientation when you stop your focus?

5. Do you fidget a lot?

6. Do you hate waiting (for anything)?

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