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How To Find A Good Doctor?

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Does anyone know how to find a good doctor these days? I am trying to help my girlfriend get treatment for her depression but she is afraid of a having a bad experience with a doctor "who doesn't care". I can't blame her for taking this stance because I am sure there are doctors out there who just want to take your money and give you prescriptions. Is there any place I can see reviews for good doctors or mental heath professionals?



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Uh...It might take like a couple doctors..before finding the right one so don't worry about switching if need be...

Just an FYI though for future reference, there is a Therapy forum that may answer some questions of yours too!

However, I had an experience where I couldn't even get an appointment because there was a discrepancy regarding my insurance..they were stupid in my opinion and it took me maybe 2 more weeks before I tried again with another therapist.

I was suppose to have an appointment on Tuesday and so far they rescheduled it for next Tuesday......I'm only gonna give them one more chance before I go elsewhere, but the receptionist was nice about it at least..

If you're concerned about pill pushers, try going to a Psychologist first before a Psychiatrist. Psychiatrists are the pill prescribers. Does your girlfriend have an insurance that'll cover mental health? If so, try looking for in-network doctors first. That was sort of my first step since I had no idea where to start in the beginning...

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A first place to start is she should decide whether she wants to see a psychiatrist, psychologist, or psychotherapist. A psychologist is more diagnosis based, a psychiatrist is able to prescribe medications, and a psychiatrist tends to be more behavioral therapy based. Personally if she wants to work on relieving her depression symptoms she could probably work with a psychotherapist and later if she needs medication can work with her primary care physician and her psych.

Also what does she want out of therapy? Then proceed to start the search. Look for practices in your area. Here are some things to look for: Do they have a 24 hour crisis line where she can speak to a doctor or her therapist if she needs to, What is the doctors approach?

She can phone interview a lot of the therapists and talk a little bit about her issues if she feels comfortable. Usually she can tell if she feels a connection with someone right away or now.

I started by talking to my primary care physician and she gave me some numbers to call. I also googled some practices in my area and read some reviews. However definitely take online reviews with a grain of salt.

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