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Nabilone (Cesamet) For Anxiety

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I saw my pdoc today and mentioned that I feel an unrelenting low-grade uneasiness- like I've perpetually forgotten something and I can't remember what it is.

She recommended Nabilone as a daily pill at bedtime, to reduce my anxiety and improve my sleep quality.

It`s based on illegal drug/garden shrub, which I smoke about once a year. I haven't been able to find much research, so I'm still not sure if I'm going to fill the prescription or not. (My pdoc knows I'm still thinking about it.)

Has anyone else ever been on nabilone? Has anyone been on a regular dose? Has anyone come off it?

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I'll update this thread if necessary, in case anyone else has questions about continuous Nabilone use in the future.

Two weeks ago I replaced 50mg Trazodone at bedtime with 0.5mg Nabilone at bedtime.

  • I couldn`t fall asleep for several (~4) hours
  • My mouth was extremely dry; I have horrible morning breath now
  • I did wake up earlier than I usually do
  • My extraneous anxiety had disappeared when I woke up
  • I had no problem focusing, studying, or performing executive functions
  • I did not feel high
  • I did not experience an increase in appetite

My issues with falling asleep got worse, until I wasn't able to fall asleep until after the sun rose despite all my efforts to keep good sleep hygiene. Last night I doubled the dose to 1mg Nabilone at bedtime. (With my doctors agreement of course.)

  • I experienced some dizzyness in the hour after I took the medication
  • If my neighbours hadn't started arguing, I might have been able to fall asleep in that hour
  • Since I wasn't able to fall asleep during that hour I stayed up until past 5am again
  • My mouth is not doubly-dry, but it's still really uncomfortably dry
  • No cognitive or other changes noticed today

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