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Will Walk No More...


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a little thing i made about looking back at how much you suffered in your life and being proud of where you are now :) will be making another later today :)

have walked on the cold painful grounds of this dark unforgiving land where i lay for so long, feeling only hurt

dark figures around me, pointing to me, judging me, using me just so they can feel a sence of comfort

the pain of being lonely, been walking this path so long, doing anything i can to stop the pain

this is too hard to handle, too hard to bare, so hard to be me when so many judging who i am

looking back at all of that, and seeing where i am now, i shed a tear

knowing that i have come so far, and now i am living

i have made things in my life, better than what others throught of me

i will walk no longer.... because i am just too high up :)

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You should keep these in a book...they're beautiful! And the same goes for me, in 3 weeks I get to upgrade my phone so I will have constant internet access (right now we go to my 86-year-old dad's on weekends and summers and understandably he doesn't have use for internet) and will be able to keep up on things more. It will be helpful since I'm trying to sell things online too...things I find at garage sales and thrift stores. It's a hobby that gives me a little extra money!

Seriously, you should try to get your poems published...I'm sure they would help a lot of people battling with depression!

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