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School Not Sure What To Do...

the struggle

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im trying to turn my situation around, but it is so hard. today is once again my first day of quitting smoking. i had no energy or motivation/drive, but i managed to clean out my room and get all my crap out of the remaining boxes from the move. I checked my email and was "ready" to get immersed back into the real world, but i just don;t know what to do. im not sure if i want to go back to school...my gpa is so low and i only have one more year then my degree is finished. im in a crossroad because i hate school and i want to just get my degree over with, but my responsible person is telling me that i need to fix my grades. i cant take another leave of absence as my school doesn't allow you to miss a full year and doesn't allow you to continue your degree if you drop out. im not sure what to do or even how to do it.. there is no way i can salvage my gpa in one year and even then it isn;t to my potential. i have no one to turn to really. the biggest thing is im not sure i have it in me to start school all over...it is situations like these that make me truly believe i don;t have a future in this world.

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It is hard I know but what is done is done. Try to finish school no matter what because a degree is so essential nowadays. I know there seems to be a lack of motivation in finishing school as it seems that even if you did your best your gpa will not be as good as you want it to be but try nonetheless. Finish strong and start looking for internship opportunities while in school. Don't give up on your life even if things look bleak right now.

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