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New Here... Just A Hello.

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Hi there,

I'm Hope. I am new here. Just saying hello while looking around. Not even sure what am doing here... but I know that I need to talk to someone or I will explode. So here I am.

25 from Las Vegas.


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Hi Hope :hugs:

I just wanted to say welcome to DF. I see you've been posting and already got some great help from Lauryn. I've had a first-read and I'll try to reply to some of your other posts in the next day, but in the mean time I wanted to say how sorry I am for how you're feeling, and how much we care here. Please make as much use as you want to of the forums -- there are so many people here who do care and who have either been through similar things or can just listen.

Remember as well that by sharing with us, you help us at the same time in our own lives.

:welcomeani: to the community.

~ Lion

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Hello Hope. Welcome to DF. I am glad you posted here and recognize that sharing what is bothering you can be very helpful. I encourage you to continue posting and allowing our members to help support you through their replies. Feel free to PM me if there is anything I can do for you. :hugs:

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