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New To The Forum--:) It Seems I Take Great Care Of Everyone But Myself

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Hello all :) My story isn't unique Im sure. Reader's digest version of who I am: I have a wonderful life. I really do. Struggling with depression, yes---for about 2 years or so I guess. LOTS of life changes, I work full time, I take care of my parents---my husband is in the ministry--which all translates into everyone looks to me to listen and help with their problems. Dont get me wrong. That is a privledge. It really is--I know that. No one in my life would even marginally suspect I am struggling so much. Everyone thinks I have it all together. I am a completely "productive" depressed person I guess! LOL It doesn't keep my from functioning....probably the opposite really. I started Viibryd 29 days ago. (very very hard for me to ask for an antidepressant med) Up until about a week into the 40mg dose I was really excited about it. The med seemed to be helping. (although I have not been without side effects) However at the 40 mg dose my sleep is all over the map, dreams are not nightmare like, but they are constant. I dread going to sleep. I have never had sleep issues no matter what so this is hard for me to handle. My job is really stressful so I cant last long with sleep issues like this. I need for this med to help. (Wellbutrin gave me bad headaches--tried 8 weeks of that one. I just know if this doesn't work I won't try another one. Ill just give up and feel this way)

I called the doctor to talk to her about it yesterday, and no one from her office even bothered to call me back. She is a great doctor. She really is....but that just made me feel even worse honestly....like "ok do I matter here!??!" I know thats not rational..but its just been a very hard couple of days for me...and I needed to talk to her and say "ok when do these side affects go away?"

For anyone on Viibryd...how long did some of your negative side affects last?

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Hello!! Welcome to the forum:) although I am not on Viibryd I thought I would respond to your post to affirm to you that you do matter, and the thing about anti-depressants and other medications used for depression is that it can be a frustrating and long process to find the right med for you...but it can be done!

I can relate to much of what you write about. My father is a pastor and so I know alot about 'ministry' life and the challenges and joys that come along with that. Your job also sounds very stressful. Do you have children as well?

In regards to your sleep, would you consider asking your doctor for something to help with that on a short term basis? Insomnia can be a common side effect, and it is quite common to need to take immovane or another sleep med to help combat the insomnia.

You sound like such a wonderful person, I really hope you will get some answers to your questions. Please feel free to keep talking to all of us..there is strength in numbers! :)

I will also pray for you my friend. If there is anything specific you would like prayer for, just send me a private message.


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Hi Ip and welcome to DF. I'm a "newbie" too. It is so wonderful all of the things that you do for all of the people around you. I can't imagine the intense pressure you are under being a pastor's wife, taking care of your parents and working full-time.

I have never been on the medicine that you mentioned, so I can't be of any help to you there. I'm glad that you like your doctor and am also surprised that no one at her office called you back when you left a message. Perhaps you can follow up with another telephone call tomorrow.

There are so many medications out there. Please don't get discouraged. If one doesn't work for you, there is another that will.

Best of luck to you. It will get better.

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Yesican--I read your reply late last night before I went to bed. Just the "yes you do matter" helped yesterday. Monday and Tuesday were hard for some reason--and both filled with calls and text from people needing me. Those things tend to come in waves. I specifically work with teenagers. I love them so much and that generation surely needs someone to stop and listen when they need it. I am privledged enough to be allowed into their world. Yesterday was --geez I dont know--it was like a full moon or something! LOL People need other people to stop in their busy worlds and say "Im sorry and I care." Somedays I just think tho "oh wow--I can't do this anymore" (but I can--its who I am)

Yes I have two wonderful boys. :) Teenagers themselves...we have a wonderful relationship.

The doctors office hit me harder than it should have. I felt like "ok you are the one person that is suppose to her for *me.* What they heck? (I only have one friend here I have even told how much I am struggling and the fact that I am on meds now)

cra_zay--Thanks for your sweet words too. As a newbie I hope you are finding the support you need here as well. I will call back today about the meds. I am just really discouraged at the moment. I know its way too early for that--but it seemed to work better than this in the beginning.

Hope you both have a great day!

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