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My Brain Wont Turn Off!


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I have OCD and my brain is constantly running, having all sorts of thought in my mind at once. My brain wont shut off long enough to enjoy a movie. It sucks. I

tried watching a movie tonight and I just can't concentrate so I turned it off. I'll try again tomorrow.

Anyone else have this problem?

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OMG, that's how my brain is too and like you have OCD, its like I can never stop and relax there is always something running through my head. Cant switch off and hence have to take sleepers now and again to actually regenerate as it happens when I try to sleep too, well all the time actually. Dont have any answers or solutions, but thought I would let you know your not alone.

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Don't have OCD, but have had the racing thoughts in my head for years and years. The older I get the worse it gets.

CBT therapy doesn't do squat for it. And I take so many meds for other stuff most docs don't want to Rx a D med for me.

Best thing I have found is to stay busy doing something that takes concentration. I can watch a movie, TV if it is entertaining.

But, gee, when going to bed at night, if I'm not tired and sleepy I might as well get up and do something until my old bod

just runs down as my racing thoughts are thinking about everything in the world.

Hang in there, maybe you will find a solution or a med that will give you some help.

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