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Stimulants - Alternative To Traditional Antidepressants

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Hi Darkdaxter,

Do a search for "armodafinil" which is the drug name for Nuvigil. I honestly don't really understand how it works, although I have a couple friends here on DF who could surely explain it ;) Too bad we can't tag people in threads, lol.

It is 100% non-amphetamine and as such, has no addictive properties that I know of (barring the possibility of psychological addiction of course). It is very mild, and does not make you jittery, irritable, or unable to sleep. In fact, if you are super-sleepy all the time like me, you'll even be able to take naps while on Nuvigil. The difference is, you won't NEED to take naps - it will be your choice!

Sorry to sound like a commercial but I cannot get over how much I love this med. Unfortunately I won't be able to take it any more since my pharmacist advised me that it has a negative interaction with the birth control pill. I'm going to look into the scarier class of stimulants - namely Adderall and Vyvanse - to see if I can make them work for me. But if Nuvigil, or a similar med like Modafinil is an option for you, I'd absolutely recommend looking into it.

Could you please describe the kind of energy it gives? Does it inhibit creativity? Do you see colors differently? are you more aware of your surroundings?

personally, even tho i believe im slightly depersonalized, i wouldnt describe my life as a dream: i would say i have the feeling everything is kind of distant and does not matter, im not in the middle of the situation, stuff happens and i float around...

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This is a great thread! I'm glad to see people discussing the subject of stimulants without all the negative reaction you usually get. I don't quite understand it -- people can talk about how they've been on benzos for years and they are addictive too; that's accepted but yet mention stimulants and often you get yelled at. Where is all this prejudice coming from? They're both addictive and potentially abused. Yet somehow it's okay to take something for anxiety but if you're experiencing lethargy and anhedonia you just want to get high. It's just a drug like all the others. Even SSRI's like Paxil are physically addicting and he** to get off of.

Under normal circumstances I wouldn't want to take a stimulant. Unfortunately, I've battled those problems for many years and I have a lot going against me. I work an overnight shift. If I have stuff to do during the day on weekends, for me it's like doing errands in the middle of the night. I'm always tired. My job requires attention to detail and punishes errors made (up to the point of termination). It's very stressful. I don't sleep well. I would love to try something like nuvigil or provigil, but it's unlikely my pdoc would prescribe it. She's obsessed with sleep and when I tell her how hard it is for me she just pushes more ambien and klonopin on me. Tried wellbutrin, it did not help at all and made me so angry all the time it was putting my job in danger. Ambien causes me to sleep-eat, and it's getting to the point of worrysome how I may not have any control over what I do while under the influence. And I don't even take it every day! I honestly don't think living on Red Bull and sugar is much healthier than taking a stim. Lucky for me -- ha, ha -- I'm also obese. My MD is putting me on a diet plan that will probably include a prescription appetite suppressant. Hopefully I'll get some relief from the brain fog for a few months. Working on getting switched to a normal day shift, which will probably do a world of good. The point of this post is that some people also are looking to stimulants to feel normal -- they don't want to get high.

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Wow. You have spoken mind - and probably many others

Unfortunately - in some countries... or most rather most professional doctors who prescribe Antidepressants seem to "stray" from this idea.

I've just mentioned this in my own personal journal thread, 'My Journal'.. (feel free to read), about a somewhat stimulant (Concerta)

and came across your post @budfox.

In my experience.. I've never really gotten my hands on any other because I've been told that "You can't have those unless you have a condition that requires a prescription of that drug for it"...

So I never really went on to try any other - but always felt that... that was quite the key!

This brings me to the 'Ketamine' studies that was featured in NYtimes in 2012, that i've been reiterating in all my threads so far.

In this moment i am sitting here in my depression, with this tiny spark that lit up after reading your post. Thanks for it and glad the moderators left it in the general forums for everyone to view.

Hopefully we'll get to hear some good news in time. About time some kind of research started showing up already (instead of just that write-up i mentioned above)... it's been way too long

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Because my depressive symptoms are mostly lethargy/blunting of emotions/lack of motivation/apathy/numbness/anhedonia/loss of libido, I have explored the "stimulating" drug options extensively. I have not tried many serotonergic drugs or those that cause drowsiness and things like that because I figured that this would be detrimental and make things worse. My rationale was that I really needed some sort of "boost" - that I really felt like something was "missing" - that something needed to be added rather than taken away.

Firstly, that is @itsTrevor from the 'Anhedonia - Collective Experiences' thread, that's growing with interest from many.

Hi @itsTrevor,

Seems to describe what i've been having too - although my anhedonia started becoming severe only after taking SSRI's. am now in the process of not taking them / stopping.

What you posted above seems to align with what i was thinking about 6 years ago when i first began on meds.

Wellbutrin did nothing for me either even at a dose of 450mg/day and I waited the full 8-10 weeks - and I mean NO difference whatsoever in any respect.

Same. Wellbutrin did not so anything, after i added it to my SSRI about 2 years ago.

My experience with Ritalin was that it has been the only thing to touch my anhedonia/numbness/emotional blunting/loss of libido/apathy/flatness. It had many problems. It raised my heart rate, I formed a tolerance quickly,

Describes (so well) my experience with Concerta and how it seemed to "work" when i first began on it.. It was like my mind suddenly opened up and could "breathe" naturally - as with most other humans without depression seem to have.

Likewise I developed a tolerance quickly and it was the most disappointing thing ever.

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