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How To Stay Positive When In Pain?

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I am in a fair amount of physical pain at the moment and I don't actually know how long it will last or whether it will get better. It is really getting me down though and my mood is going lower all the time. But then, I think my low mood might not be helping my pain either. I've heard a lot about how important it is to maintain a positive outlook to have the best possible chance of recovery - but how do I do that? I am trying, but I'm not feeling in the least bit positive, about recovery or about my life in general. I hate this!

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Hello G,

I also live with several physical issues that all add up to having to struggle through my days.

I am looking for answers to this question myself. Pain is very depressing!

The only thing that has helped a bit is trying to do something to get outside myself and help others by volunteering-local food bank, free health clinic, womens shelter, animal shelter, VA hospital...I cant do much but I always feel like I did good and talked with great people.

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