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What's Your 6 Month Goal?


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So I'll list up my current goals:
- pass this semester without dropping any courses

- get a full time job or two part time jobs

- fix my car (and all that entails)

- move out

But since I don't want to be lame, and not make any new goals for this thread... here's some other things I'd LIKE to be able to accomplish someday (these with an extra 6 months because the first will keep me busy enough :P)
At least one of the following:

-get a girlfriend or at least go on a date

-join/form a band and/or write a song

-go to a party/concert and have fun :thumbs-up:

-write a fanfiction or fiction story again

-learn to draw and create a piece of artwork depicting my neuroses

-learn to skateboard
-design an early working version of a megaman fighting game (an alpha if you will, because this goal will likely take a VERY long time if it is to live up to all I want it to be)

the ones with strikethrough on are impossible right now. But I did still go to that house concert. I've decided to stop saying I'm going to do something because if I don't that's really self-defeating, so... in the future, I'll try to spend some time learning to draw and writing skeletons for stories. It would be awesome if I owned a skateboard or guitar, but I suppose those are two subgoals to accomplishing those larger goals.

revised goal list:
- get a haircut (even though I really don't want to... gotta lose the beard if I want to get a job and get my parents off my back about it)
- fill out job applications

- complete job interview

- get a job

- buy skateboard/gear

- learn to skateboard

- buy guitar/gear

- write a song

- practice drawing

- learn to draw

- draw something meaningful to me

- practice writing

- write story skeletons and stick with them

- actually finish writing something again

- talk to a girl

- go on a date

- get a girlfriend

- finish C++ homework

- pass C++

- work on creating different game frameworks

- assemble multiple different pieces

- sprite mapping, state functions, move lists

- level design, sound

- design a megaman game

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