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In The Words Of Love's Arthur Lee....

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'.... when you've given all you had. And everything still turns out bad.'

I feel like this all the time. I have sought help for this low mood which has enveloped me. I see a psychiatrist, a counsellor and a GP who masquerades as a cognitive behavioural therapist. I am completely open with each one with regard to what I am thinking and feeling and engage fully with them in the sessions. I take medication (6th different type) as prescribed by my psychiatrist to the letter. I play football twice a week, attend a self help group once a week and go for a run every day. I have a great family who support me and who I open up to and a great bunch of friends who I make an effort to socialise with once a week.

Yet this morning I told myself that I had enough. Enough of the constant low mood, enough of struggle to get through the day, enough of the pain as you ache for the life you used to have where depression was under control. Just enough. I feel slightly better now following a run and a shower but that constant undercurrent of low mood remains.

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