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Positivity Thread: 3 Things That Went "right" Today, Edition #11.


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Monday into Tuesday, June 3-4, 2013:

1. Monday, Pam said an easy "Yes" via email, to being my backup Health Care representative! She was actually delighted to be asked.

2. Tuesday, early am, while on Dell Netbook in "fireplace room", I was delighted that I could NOT hear the radon fan on the outside wall!! They must have finally resolved the issue, even though I have not heard back from Sandy from the radon office.

3. Tuesday am: there is full sunshine out my front windows today, and I just saw a pair of red cardinals courting.

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The weather was lovely and warm all day long, which meant I could be outside and so could the dogs.

My medical problems seemed to have improved slightly today.

I discovered lots more nice people on here :)

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The best of Saturday, June 8-2013:

1. My impulsive inspiration to phone Joe the generator guy early this
afternoon, to make an appointment for thermostat exchange and wormwood
grounds inspection in a week and a half on June 18 at 4 PM.

2. Rainstorm Andrea finishing with her heavy rains overnight into early
morning, with the day then shifting to surprising sunshine and light breezes.

3. The fact that Michael and I connected with relative ease by phone at 7:50pm,

for a two-hour conversation--and that "time flew" so that the time didn't seem
nearly that long, more like an hour.

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Went to see men in Prison with Prison Ministry Team

Went to see some friends

Visited a Youth Camp

Reading that made me think of my old church in the UK, a group of people from there

were involved in prison ministry.

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I tried my best to be a nice person to be around today as I felt really low

and unhappy but I did my best to make sure how I felt didnt affect my wife.

I had fun taking the dogs for a nice long walk in the park.

Generally today was peaceful and relaxed which is good as the next three days are very busy.

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The best of Sunday, June 9, 2013:
1. The six-foot ladder project went smoothly, adding light through a new garage floodlight, and adding visibility through removing a maple branch canopy to reveal the forest floor to the right of my deck.

2. It was good to see Kelly again, and it was funny to see my cat Maggie's interaction with Kelly and Charlotte combined. One would think that a shy cat would disappear in the face of 2 visitors being present; instead, although a bit nervous, Maggie seemed to be intrigued and actually attracted by the girls' presence. Maggie played dodge games, zipping in and out and all about the area where we were working.

3. I was inspired to take my bedroom heating pad back downstairs with me, when I wasn't feeling well Sunday evening. It wasn't too hard to set up, and the heat was extremely comforting.

PS I have now been inspired to order a second heating pad, so that I have one on each floor.

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The guy turned up this morning as planned before I collected my wife from work and

took the dog pen we dont use away for cash.

It was nice and sunny again this morning making up for the whole day of rain yesterday.

Our little doggie seems to be enjoying her new tuggie (she ate though the other one in 2 days!)

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I found I had enough energy to take the dog out for a pleasant walk today as she was stuck in the

house this morning :happy:

Our water is off so today it is not raining INSIDE our house!

Helped lots of people, a shop assistant who had a big ladder to carry, some old

lady who couldnt reach things, my wifes colleague who was carrying loads of stuff it

was fun :laugh:

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Spent lots of time playing with nephew finding him snails, pushing him and down in his lil car and talking to him :laugh:

My car got fixed quickly this morning which meant I could take my wife to her appointment and the price

of it didnt change from the quote!

Our house still remains dry inside.

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1) Laughed at my cat having a stand off with a seagull. Cat on the path 'chattering' at the gull on the shed roof, who was just staring back. Luckily both knew neither would win...

2) Caught up with recorded TV progs. Cue relax day after hectic yesterday.

3) received more baby hand-me-down clothes in preperation. Always useful and my bank account is grateful at the moment! It's a bit iffy this month :sheep:

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Wednesday June 26, 2013:

1. Hot rotisserie chicken for supper tonight, with organic applesauce and potatoes. It tasted especially good after the power outage yesterday, with no hot meal for supper.

2. In unsnarling how to register online for real estate tax payment, I got an added bonus: the tax agent unsnarled the biz property tax that I had been enmeshed with. Free at last!

3. I finally reached Tom at Old Mill Furniture and was finally able to talk to him and get some closure before the store closes its doors this week.

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I got some house work done that I didnt really want to do.

We are off to see little nephew later, it sounds like he missed me the other

day when they turned up without me so I am looking forward to going today.

I got my injection done even though I still hate doing it.

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