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Positivity Thread: 3 Things That Went "right" Today, Edition #11.


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Had chinese this afternoon and got a chance to have a bit of time to myself reading my book :smile:

Saw nephew afterwards and had fun playing chasing with him and doggie :laugh:

Got a new type of cake from the supermarket to share with wife and it was lovely :happy:

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1. I woke up with anxiety but pushed through it, and now I am content.

2. I managed to make it to a coffee shop today to do some creative work that I've been putting off for the past month (about).

3. I mailed the second of many love letters to a man, and in that letter is another seed of hope for our future.

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November 22-2013 Friday:

1. The downpours of rain in the morning turned to gray skies only in the afternoon, so I didn't have to bring an umbrella when leaving the house.

2. My last two "pre-winter" errands are done (blood draw and haircut) in spite of fear I wouldn't be able to get them done because of being forced to early appointment time.

3. I was able to get Stacie as an assistant to drive me.

Nov 23-2013 Saturday:

1. I was able to sleep most the day as I had hoped.

2. Made contact by phone with potential assistant Becky, potential snowplow guy recommended by Stacie, Juno re upgrade to new account.

3. Am not feeling a great craving for the ice cream I have now stowed in the basement freezer to reduce temptation.

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Nov 26, 2013 Tuesday

1. I reached Vicki on PA warmline around 10:10 pm and was able to vent/release some of my despair. (She is much better to talk to than Nikki of Arizona warmline last night who ended call with a thoughtless "Have a good night" although I had clearly expressed it would not be, I didn't feel listened to or validated.)

2. Dancing with Stars excellent finale with 3 VERY strong finalists, and very happy with Amber/Derrek win.

3. Maggie the cat has really taken to her new "nesting box" lined with soft pink flannel. I have photos to prove it! (Her nesting box is actually a conversion of her cat carrier; I have never had a cat so in love with her cat carrier.)

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1. Woke up to an email from my professor saying he finished writing a very positive reference letter for me.

2. Got a short nap in in the afternoon which gave me energy to get to my tutoring job in the evening.

3. Just prepared tomorrow's lunch and dinner so I won't have to think about that in the morning before work.


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