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Create Your Own Minimal Poem For Today

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A blue-eyed girl with strawberry blonde curls

Tries to understand the struggles in her world

Her head is filled with secrets and her heart is full of tears

Her life is filled with worries and heartache and fears

She struggles with guilt…and ugly shame

She owns neither…they’re not hers to claim

Her abusers stole her innocence, her joy, and her youth

Her mind represses the memories and hides the truth.

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that is it

bold statement

the worst thing is

that it may be right

it doesn't even matter

no one will take into account what you experienced

when justice will be given

mediocrity was stronger




ugliness won


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Feeling the comfort of knowing you're back~but War is so wrong, I'd never attack.

The bridge to Peace is not far at all~ well maybe in spring, the winter or fall.

Across the board I can play this game well~I'm real good at it, wouldn't send you to hell.

So I swallow the warm drops WAY deep inside~that's not to say she needs to hide.

They're in the circle of me, I Promise! Unbroken!~ yours to have back when ready to be spoken.

I'm leaving you now, so go hold your girl's hand~ Alice can breathe warmth in wonderland.

Sitting for a bit with my bottle to whine, I Command her to be happy and then I'll be fine.

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born in the desert

it's hard to express the mediocre
maybe like a child
curled into a ball
with an inhuman expression
emotional robinson crusoe

when you are born in the desert
everything seems like a hallucination
every token of appreciation
assumed to be a mirage

when you drink it
turns to sand
want more
suck up every drop

dry skin
dry speech

never felt so normal though


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