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Hey, Friends! (An Old Member!)


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How are you fellow DFers? It's been a quite long while since I last posted in here, wohoo time does run fast I guess!! I certainly miss many people around here, those who really supported me during the early period when I joined DF back in 2010 to those who I worked with under the moderation team to the great friends that I managed to met at DF!

I am still mainly struggling with BPD but here are some good news: I am definitely doing better now than last year (when I was in a toxic relationship) and than the last few years (before learning about and getting used to BPD), I haven't been officially diagnosed yet, due to the very same reasons of mine that I always mentioned around here.

I managed to finish my studies and graduate :D, it took me 5 years instead of 3, but hey I got 2 BAs! I also wrote and released some music, some poetry, etc... I am still unemployed and making a living on private lessons but shall be employed abroad very soon! :)

Lindsay, Trace, Coop, lindahurt, Girly, jimbow15, KBpregnant, Liliah (my dear NY friend!), perfectly_imperfect, SadUK, Spiritual_Wanderer, theguy, Tim 52, etc... and really sorry if I forgot anyone else, I hope you all are living great days! :)

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Hi r90

Sorry I missed you. Good to hear that you are doing well and coping with the BPD.

I'm doing well too, I have finished all my therapy almost a year ago - apart from two catch up sessions - I am still on my meds but very stable.

I hope to see more of you around here.


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