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Citalopram Increase Risk Of Diabetes?

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I was recently prescribed Citalopram to help with my anxiety attacks and mild depression. I just started and have been surfing Dr Google a lot and it has come to my attention that antidepressants may increase the risk of diabetes. Anyone can confirm that blood sugar has risen after taking citalopram?

I can handle the other side effects but if this is true and I'm not willing to take any antidepressants. I don't have diabetes but have had high blood sugar in the past. I exercise regularly and cut down on carbs and got everything under control. I know it may sound crazy but I'm not willing to take that risk. I'll handle many side effects but diabetes not one of them.

Also when can I exercise again. I usually workout everyday and all of a sudden I started having panic attacks and am now on Citalopram and lorazepam. The side effects are too much for me to go for a run or lift weights. Hope this doesn't last long, that is if I decide to stay wit the Celexa

Thanks for any input

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my blood sugar has not risen after 4 years of escit. (not to say it won't in future). dr. google will look at your watch and tell you the time -- better to ignore it. i suspect the link between cit. and diabetes is connected with the weight increase cit. MAY cause.

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