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What Are You Proud Of Today?


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I am proud that I have resisted the urge to smoke! A week and a half oh yeah!

I am proud that I was able to keep my commitments today and hopefully helped people with me sharing some of my experiences.

I am proud that I didn't overwork today and I'm still not feeling well.

I am proud that I have been sober and haven't felt the "need" to be intoxicated.

I am proud that I am finally in this stage of my life to say that I'm doing good.

I am proud that I am feeling healthy.

I am proud that I can breathe.

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I was so angry with one of my bosses for delaying payment for a work I sent in last month - she hates paying her staff and it is like a root canal to get payed when I started working for her. I phoned her and told her I would not put up with that stuff - I delivered the work and I´m supposed to get payed swiftly. I told her: "I hope you´re not up to your old tricks." It was daring, but she promised to pay ASAP.

It made me feel better, because I stood up for myself.

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Today I am proud that I stood up to someone who was unpleasant earlier and told him that i didn't like the atmosphere in that office. He seemed suprised that I would say something like that, but it cleared the air of any tension. I spoke my mind and let it go.

I got help for my Ipad that I want to break in to tiny pieces because it is driving me nuts. Someone is going to help me with it. I am still stuck in the 90's when it comes to software...but it was a challenge to ask for help.

I realized today that relationships don't have to be based on fear or fear of judgement, but how do you see the other person's work or way of living and look at that. Don't just a face, see the whole person and what they're "made" of.

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