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What Are You Thankful For?


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  • that I am continually learning helpful tools and techniques to recognize and deal with depression and anxiety (even though sometimes I choose not to use them, or find it difficult if I do want to use them
  • that I don't have to be perfect (even though my brain tells me otherwise) as I am far from it

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I´m so grateful for this day.

Was working at the TV and at four we had an office party and the annual Christmas gifts. It was really a good gift and I am really grateful, because money is tight.

Now I can get more presents for the kids.

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So grateful for this day. Even though it is rainy, windy, and just blah outside.

So grateful for my children. Without them I would be lost.

Grateful for my job, which I truly have a love/hate relationship with.

Grateful for my husband, who is getting healthier by the day.

Grateful for the new roof over our head, the chimney being repaired, and a nice warm place to live. :)

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Today I am grateful that we have a new grand child cooking in oven :)

Im also grateful that we who live with mental illness continue to fight the good fight. And im grateful for you

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