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What Are You Looking Forward To? #2


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Moving and doing stuff more. active like. Been sleeping and lazy I admit this morning, but relaxing and calming myself.

Not sure sorta windy outside but looks nice maybe do something outside then things to keep me motivated in the house.

Oooh make a short film of me outside like a weather girl XDD that be sweet...


That's what I am looking forward to.

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I'm looking forward to Tuesday at the latest. Hopefully by the end of Saturday everything will start to even out.

I'm looking forward to seeing Rihanna with my sister next month.

I'm looking forward to June when my Mom comes to Edmonton for a visit. I bought Taylor Swift tickets for her birthday so she's really excited.

I'm looking forward to my new couch that I bought for my new apartment.

I'm just looking forward to this whole week/weekend to be over!

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