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What Are You Looking Forward To? #2


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  • 2 weeks later...

I'm looking forward to going to my friend's place for a visit. Also, Friday's Korean comedy free movie screenings.

Buying awesome new shoes.

Gift day (it's a day when I buy gifts for everyone I love for no apparent reason).

The day when I will see and talk to someone very dear to me again, apologize for my dumb behavior (again), maybe get some coffee, maybe watch a movie, maybe be friends. Maybe that day will come.

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Looking forward to:

-winter and snow


-vacation to Mexico in November for a wedding

-get two weeks off paid at Xmas at my job this will be the first Xmas I don't have to work or be on call lol

-ice fishing

-finding out if I get contacted for an interview for this job I applied for way up north


-kitchen renovation

-friend visiting me in November

-my first nephew will be born in December

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