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What Word Do You Think Sounds Funny Regardless Of Its Meaning?


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Els1e beat me to "curmudgeon" except it isn't funny to me, it sounds like a disgusting growth or something I'd peel off my shoe!

"Bamboozle" makes me laugh.

Oh hahaha. Yep, eeeewwwwww I stepped on a curmudgeon :yuck:

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Pulchritudinous. It means physically beautiful but who the hell is going to say "Darling, you look positively pulchritudinous tonight". Just doesn't sound right. Sounds more like something you'd say when you want to vomit - "I'm feeling pulchritudinous which way are the toilets?".

That's always been one of my favorite words.

I think lugubrious is a bizarre word, too.

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